, Motts Canada : Fruitsation Veggie Berry

, Motts Canada : Fruitsation Veggie BerryMott’s Fruitsations Veggie Berry, 32-Count,

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What is Motts?

Mott’s is founded in 1842 by Samuel Mott from New York, and the company is primarily in producing apple-based products, mostly juices and sauces.

Do Mott’s fruit snacks have gelatin?

Yes: if you want gelatin-free, try MOTT’S MEDLEYS.

Mott’s Review

I’m a gummy fanatic and have tried many brands available in Canada. I thought I would buy them over my usual brand.  I was disappointed. The packages were difficult to open. Once I could open the individual packages – I was sad to see these were not “real” gummies in the gelatin sense of the way I was expecting.

The taste was acceptable, but nothing worth mentioning. they weren’t too sweet or over flavourful.