Mr Sketch Coupon for Canada


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  • Save $1.50 on any one (1) Mr. Sketch product. Available in select retailers, please see the printed offer for details.

The coupon expiry date is unknown.

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 About Mr Sketch Markers

Mr. Sketch manufactures and produces a scented form of marker pens that the kids love.

Find them at places like Staples, Walmart, and many other retailers across Canada.

Come in packs for 4, 6, 8, 12, and 18.

Colours and fragrances include Red Cherry, Yellow Lemon, Green Mint, Blue Blueberry, Purple Grape, Black Licorice, Brown Cinnamon(personally I think this one has a chocolaty scent), and more.

Mr. Sketch Commercial

Have you seen the Mr. Sketch Commercial? This ad shows you just why these markers smell so darn good. We all know that they are not really made like this but it’s fun to imagine and a hit with the kids.

The next time you are going to do a little craft project or something with the kids, why not try the Mr. Sketch brand of products. I’m sure both the kids and adults will like the refreshing scent it brings to the table (literally).