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Myoflex Canada

Pain relief at its finest. If you want to get rid of our pain’s root quickly and effectively, be sure to try Myoflex. Non-greasy and has no odour. No one will ever know you are using it.

It comes in the following varieties;

  • Maximum Strength
  • Extra Strength
  • Regular Strength
  • Pain Relief Patch

Pain Management

Types of pain; there are several types of pain, and understanding the different kinds will help you manage it more effectively.

Acute Pain; comes on very quickly with very little notice. If you have some injury, you can be assured that acute pain will shortly follow the injury. This is the most common form of pain that people experience.

Chronic Pain; continues over a long period of time. It is considered chronic pain when it persists for 3 or more months. This can be a result of nerve damage, injury,  malignant condition, or non-life-threatening conditions.

Finding Pain Relief

Fast pain relief; Myoflex is a common fast pain relief method. Add the cream directly to the injury for instant relief.

Short-term pain relief; comes in the form of medications like Aspirin and other pain relievers.

Some people use cold therapy to relieve pain.

Long-term pain relief; heat therapy, cold therapy, massaging the injury, managing your stress and weight, getting proper rest, eating healthy and maintaining a healthy weight.