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About Nair

Nair is a popular hair removal product owned by Church & Dwight.

In 2001, it was acquired by Carter-Wallace.

This product consists of depilatories known for their effectiveness in breaking the disulphide bonds of the keratin molecules in hair, which lessens the keratin’s tensile strength that the hair can be easily wiped away. Some of the most famous slogans used by Nair:

  • “The Less That You Wear, the More You Need Nair!”
  • “Like Never Before”
  • “We wear short shorts, Nair for short shorts.”

This great product features softening agents such as mineral oil to balance the harsh active ingredients. Calcium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide are the active ingredients in Nair. Those two ingredients raise the pH of hair, chemically breaking it down.

Some of Nair’s products:

  • Lotions
  • Soothing Wax Kit
  • Face Wax Strips
  • Shower Power
  • Bikini Cream
  • Salon Divine Wax Kit
  • Microwave Wax

Nair is an almost smooth leg – and without a razor! Choose between waxing and only hair removal creams!  The Hair removal creams take 10-20 minutes to begin working – then jump in the shower.

I have not tried the wax kit – as I find waxing to be too painful – I would rather shave!

Nair has been around for decades.

The only negative thing I’ve heard is some people have adverse reactions due to sensitive skin.