Natures Path Canada Recall


Nature’s Path Product Recall

  • Coconut & Cashew Butter Granola Product recall due to possible Listeria monocytogenes contamination.


These were sold at : Costco warehouse locations in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

What to do?

Toss out or return to your local store

About Listeria Monocytogenes:

Symptoms can include :nausea, t fever, muscle aches,  headaches and neck stiffness

Affected products

Affected products
Brand nameCommon nameSizeCode(s) on productUPC
Nature’s PathCoconut & Cashew Butter Crunchy Granola720 gBest Before Date: 2018 MR 0258449172192

More Direct Information

Nature’s Path Foods Inc.: 1-866-880-7284  or by email



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About Nature’s Path

Nature’s Path was founded iin 1985 in Vancouver BC in 1985. They have grown over the last 35 years to be one of the largest organic snack & breakfast company with over a product line of 150 different items

Nature’s Path organic products are available in large supermarkets and can also be found in  natural food stores.





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