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Neilson milk coupon

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Neilson Dairy is one of British Columbia’s Dairy Producers! You can enjoy a variety of milk from Neilson Milk, including Chocolate Milk, Jersey chocolate bars Milk, and much more!

Neilson Milk is, in Fact, made 100% from Canadian Farmers. Milk is available in 4 L milk bags and carton sizes from 237ml to 2L cartons.

Here are the latest Neilson Milk Coupons.

  • Save $1.50 off your next purchase of Neilson® 2L or 4L Microfiltered, Lactose-free & Organic milk

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Neilson milk chocolate

Neilson’s chocolate milk is a great treat for all ages. Each glass of Neilson milk chocolate is made from fresh white 1% milk – and of course, some secret chocolate sauce. Neilson’s White Milk and Chocolate milk has the same 15 nutrients. Available in 4L milk bags and various carton sizes.

Neilson Chocolate Chunks

If you are over 30, you probably remember those mouth-watering chunks of chocolate from Neilson. They came in plain, peanut, as well, as caramel if I am not mistaken. They were priced at $0.25, and boy, oh boy, they were absolutely fantastic. Ah, to be a kid again. Life was so simple back then.

Dairy And Chocolates.

This company began in 1893 and was owned and operated by William Neilson. William was the son of a Scottish immigrant who lived in Ontario.

He was so sure that this business would be profitable that he invested every single penny that his family-owned to buy seven cows and some second-hand ice cream makers. At that time, many companies used milk in their products, but his secret was using cream. This produced the richest tasting product out there. Customers loved it and kept coming back for me. Just what William had hoped for.

When ice-cream sales would slow during the Winter months, Neilson thought of another way to bring in income for his business and several workers. He decided to launch a chocolate line of products. They, too, were a huge hit with young and old alike.

From those humble beginnings to a multi-million dollar company. This is one success story for the history books.

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  1. Me too and not just once.
    Just so that I fully understand. What exactly does the Sell before date or Best before date mean? If I open a bag of milk best before May 28, does that mean it should be good to drink on or before May 28th. If so, how many days before the Best before date can I open the bag anticipating it to be good until May 28th?

  2. I bought a 2 litre carton of trutaste 2% milk Expiry date Jul 17 2016 Poured some in my tea July 5 and it was sour


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