New Ideas for your coupon binder!!!

I thought I’d show you my newly updated coupon binder today. I’ve actually found a few not so mentioned ideas; here’s my coupon binder.


I bought a 2 inch zippered binder from London Drugs last year that had a built in calculator and built in side flap. I paid $14.99 for this binder during a Back to School Sale.

Here are three pictures of the binder and it’s built in storage.

As you can see it has great storage on its own, such as an outer flap, and built in calculator and also another side flap on the inside which is perfect for larger printed coupons.

I use the little flap on the inside under the calculator for the coupons I plan to use when I am using coupon flyer match ups.

Most of us are familiar with the baseball cards inserts available at the dollar store for $1.00 per 10 pkg, as pictured below. What would also work are business card inserts as they are close to the same size.


Baseball card holders are perfect for booklet coupons and the and coupons, as they are the perfect size for them.  Sometimes depending on the coupons, you can also use them for inserts.

What I dislike about baseball card holders, is that when you have too many multiples of certain coupons you have already folded  to fit in them, that they bulge, and not sit flat, wanting to pop out, especially near the top of the binder. This is fine at home, but when you’re digging in your binder at the clearance isle in Wal-mart, you don’t want your coupons to start falling out.


This is why I now use paper report covers. Remember back in high school you would need a title page, and you wanted to keep it flat and neat? Well that’s what I use for my multiple long inserts or anything the width of a normal piece of paper. This way I can see the expiry date as well.   The only problem is sometimes if I have too many coupons in the report holder, they do have a tenancy to slip, but no worries of them falling out since they have a bottom.

I love using it for Websaver, and Smart Source printables as this way reading everything and keeping organized is a breeze.


For tearpad coupons and other coupons shaped similar to tearpads, I like to use photo picture inserts to help organize my binder. I’ve also been known to simple put the tearpads that have holes in them right onto the binder rings.

I have one of these envelopes per category within my binder.  They are perfect for printable per section, in my health category, I have it filled with Living well printable coupons.  I also use these envelopes looking folders for coupons that are expiring in the month when I sort my binder, so I can easily be a coupon fairy when I’m in the different sections of the store.

I also use this envelope at the front of my binder if I’m planning a larger coupon shopping trip, to keep everything together, and easy to find.






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