, Free Nexcare Samples – Now Being Shipped!!

If you were one of the lucky ones to receive a confirmation email that you would be receiving a free sample of Nexcare products, be watching your mailbox very closely because…

They are now being SHIPPED!!

I cannot wait to get mine!!

Just a reminder for those of you that participated in the Free Nexcare Sample Offer. 

Be sure to check your emails to see if you were one of the lucky recipients of this freebie.  Good luck!!

Request your FREE samples from Nexcare today!!

This just posted on their Facebook page;

Our Sampling Opportunity will be opening this afternoon! We’re not giving an exact time anyway, but check back around noon (EDT)

Be sure to make your request through our sample form. We’ll be providing a link to the way when we announce when the sample request is open. Thanks!

Be sure to “like” Nexcare on Facebook to save time when this thing goes live.

Of course, Canadian Free Stuff will be here to let you know when these FREE Samples go live!!

Good luck, everyone!!

Click for a free Nexcare offer.

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The Nexcare brand of products

First aid care at it’s finest.

If you need to tend to a cut or wound, this brand of products carries a wide range of first aid products to meet your individual needs, from transparent, waterproof dressings to cute kids’ designs bandages.

Hospitals have been using these brands of first aid tapes for over 60 years now, so you know that they are high-quality and durable. If a hospital can trust their wound healing needs to Nexcare, you know that you can too.

Waterproof bandages do not need to be changed daily, but the other ones do, especially if they get wet or dirty.