, Free Elmo Bag Tag From Nursery Water

Request a free Elmo Diaper Bag Tag from Nursery Water. Actually you can attach this freebie to just about anything your heart desires, backpack, lunchbox, etc.

Just fill out a simple online form.

You have probably seen this free offer several times in the past but the free samples tended to go very quickly at that time. I guess people have received their free tags and therefore it is easier to grab this free offer.

At the time of this post there are still 13 tags left so if you have not yet received this cute freebie, now is the time to do so. If you do not get a chance today, be sure to try again tomorrow.

Order Free Bag Tag from Nursery Water

The Nursery Brand of Products

This brand of purified water is steam-distilled and it’s meant for babies and toddlers.

Comes in varieties with added fluoride OR without added Flouride depending on your personal preferences.

They have been around for over 60 years and continue to grow and be trusted by many families all over the world.

Find these products at places like Toys R Us, Babies R Us, and Walmart.

The Nursery brand water does not have to be refrigerated and does not have a specific shelf life however when you are using this product to mix formula, be sure to handle with safety in mind. Follow directions just like you would for mixing formula with any other bottled water.

Calcium, magnesium and potassium are added for taste and not nutritional value.