, Ortho-Cept Canada Birth Control Recall




Another Birth Control Recall!

This time from Ortho Cepi from Jassen Inc.

Health Canada is issuing an advisory today recalling this oral contraceptive due to the potentially low potency of 2 active ingredients which may result in an unplanned pregnancy.  The risk is associated with certain groups of women including those who have been advised against getting pregnant and those on low does of oral contraception.

Product In Particular to watch for:
Product affected:
Product DIN Strength Pkg format Lot Number Exp. Date
Ortho-Cept tablets (28 Day)  whith DIN # 02042533  that is 0.15 mg of desogestrel and 0.03 mg Ethinyl estradiol  sold in a 28-day blister pack  with Lot # 13DM732  and Expires in Sept. 2015

What you should do:

1. Verify you have the effected lot number and correct recalled product.  If you need help simply ask the pharmacy.

2. Speak to your health care provider about an alternative oral contraceptive as this product is being discontinued.

3. Return and discontinuing Ortho Cept to your pharmacy.

See More Information on Health Canada