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New Pampers Reward App for Canada

It’s New & Improved! Pamper’s Reward System has a New Platform! with #pampersrewards Now you can enter your pamper codes by simply scanning them with your phone! Swipe of your thumb – you can add points, see your history, and redeem your points all from your mobile phone.

Pampers New Phone Application is Brand New and is now available on Itunes and Google Android

Don’t panic – The option of manually entering the code is still available. 


Bonus Points for Joining 

Bonus Reward Points for downloading the NEW Rewards App ( Did I mention its Free to download?) you will get 100 reward points and get an additional 50 points for scanning your first code!

I am sure you have tons of Questions running through your head so let’s walk through it step by step .

Lets Back up for the Newbies!

What is Pampers Rewards? 

Pampers Rewards is simply -a program for being brand loyal for your baby’s diaper needs. Each time you buy pamper diapers/ wipes, you will find a code on the inside package in which you can either scan or inserted manually online. Once you rack up a minimum amount of points – You can then redeem for FREE Stuff – such as coupons, books, and toys for your little ones.

How many points will I collect? 

Obviously, this will vary on your brand loyalty and how diligent you are at imputing your codes every opportunity.

1. Download: the Application!

It’s available for both platforms: Apple & Android. You can also do a Search in any Application store – Just Remember to Choose the CA ( which stands for Canada) to make sure you get the right download.  Download Now 


Sign In or Join

Once Downloaded – You will be asked to Login or if you’re new to Pampers Community – Feel free to join . 

•To log in to the application, enter the same email address and password currently used to access the Pampers Gifts to Grow Rewards program at (Canada).

Important Note:  Will points from Gifts to Grow to be transferred to New Rewards Program? 

Once You are Signed in:


Get Alerts #momhack

You will be asked if you want to be alerted on the newest Pamper offers & Discounts –

You will easily be able to view your rewards and redemptions! This is a great way to keep on top of your points program. Easily see how to get more points, or to watch your rewards redemption.

Also, You can join them on Facebook for more #momhack


SCAN Your Points

This new Rewards app lets you simply scan your code! With the use of your camera- Just Point your phone to the scan code and make sure it is within the frame like the picture above and SNAP!

PLUS if you have any issues at all – enter the code by hand by clicking on the small left-hand corner button


History of Your Points

Watch everything you have done with the points application. Great for keeping track of your codes, and helps mom stay on track.


Redeeming your Points!

The rewards catalogue has several items to choose from. – Use points to enter to win Pampers Contests, or use up points for Coupons, books and toys!

Thank you Pampers for sponsoring this post. All comments and opinions are my own.

Watch How the Pampers Rewards App Works on this YOUTUBE Video


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