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Request your FREE STICKERS AND OTHER COOL STUFF now from Patagonia.

Click here to get your FREE Stickers by mail  No Longer available to Canada.

Sticker request (Sticker requests are limited to one request every four months per person. You will receive two stickers, chosen at random from a variety of designs.)

Valid for Canada and United States only.

What is Patagonia You Might Ask?

Patagonia has been around for almost 40 years. This company supports activists who are working to find solutions to the environmental crisis we are faced with today. They help connect these activists with people who are looking to support different causes.

There was a small company that made tools for climbers. Alpinism is still at the heart of the business and continues to make clothes for climbing, skiing, fly fishing and even trail running.

Because a band of surfers and climbers started this business, they have a minimalist style. Products made by this company are simple and better for the environment.

Patagonia is committed to helping the environment in any way they can. They are helping to reverse the decline of the overall environmental health of our planet. They donate their time, services and a percentage of their sales to this worthwhile cause.

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  1. I tried to get the free stickers but it won’t let me use a Canada postal code only USA please get back to me by my email I would realy love to see the stickers thank youl

  2. I recently tried to order a catalog and 4 free stickers. It said the offer was good in Canada but because of the form I was unable to fill it out properly using a Canadian address. You may contact me using my email address. Thank you

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