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Sep 25, 2020

Are you a PC optimum loyal Member? Do you plan your shopping using Optimum points? If you do – Have you considered the PC Insiders Membership subscription. The Main huge perk is earning more Optimum points in select areas, plus a few extra rewards along the way. A few times a year PC Insiders has special Promo Codes that give you additional perks or a way to save on your annual subscription: See Below to What this month has to offer

The PC Insider Subscription is pretty much like an upgrade to the PC Optimum Program. You will need to pay for this upgrade. Regular Costs are $9.99 Cdn per month, or you can purchase an annual subscription for $99. Cdn.

PC Insiders Promo Codes & Discounts

  • PROMO code KB1782 works to get 25,000 points on subscription equivalent to $25. The listed Expiry date was July 17, 2021
  • 25,000 bonus PC Optimum points when joining (Annual) 
  • 200 PC Optimum points for every $1 spent on many brands
  • Annual subscribers receive a $99 PC Travel credit
  • Get free shipping and grocery pickup

You can try one month for free as well if you commit ( Excludes Quebec)

Click Here to Sign Up Today 




What is the PC Insiders Subscription?

What is the PC Insiders Program


As I said earlier, The PC Insiders Program is a paid membership that will give you additional perks than your regular PC optimum points. You will be able to gain more points at your local Loblaws stores and online. You will need to be a PC Optimum Member First, but don’t worry; becoming a PC Optimum member is FREE!. The PC insiders are an excellent membership for you if you can benefit from the Program. Not everyone will, of course, but that’s no different than some people with their Costco memberships. But Let’s start taking a close break down of the Subscription Perks and Benefits.

 PC Optimum points Retailer List

PC Insider Retailers

The following Retailers follow the PC Insiders Subscription Perks.

  • Shoppers Drug Mart
  • Maxi
  • Valu-Mart
  • Pharmaprix
  • Loblaws
  • Real Canadian Superstore
  • Real Atlantic superstore
  • Independent
  • No Frills
  • Zehrs
  • Fortinos
  • Extra Foods
  • Provigo
  • SaveEasy
  • BloorStreet

The PC Insiders Subscription Costs & Perks

PC Insider Costs

Both Memberships Include

  • Shop Online at Joe Fresh and Shoppers Drug Mart and get FREE shipping
  • Free PC Express Grocery Pickup when you order online
  • Get 200 PC Optimum points for every $1 spent on PC organics, PC Black Label, Joe Fresh and Select Luxury beauty products at Shoppers Drug Mart Online
  • Get 200 PC Optimum points for every $1 spent on Baby Diapers & Formula ( All Brands)

The Annual Subscription Perks

  • $99.00 Travel Credit for PC Travel Bookings
  • Annual Gift ( Suprise)
  • Plus, the savings of almost $20.00 per year vs paying a monthly subscription throughout 12months.

The value of PC insiders subscription

The PC Insiders subscription cost

How much does a PC Insiders subscription cost?

As mentioned earlier, the annual subscription cost is $99.00 plus tax a year, or you can opt-in for a monthly subscription for $9.99 per month. The Annual Subscription is the better savings PLUS there are a few more perks than the monthly subscription. But if you are not sure if this paid membership is of value to your shopping habits, I would personally try the monthly subscription and see if it has value to you.



Free PC Express Grocery Pickup when you order online

PC Grocery Deliver

Shopping PC Express Groceries is a great time saver! Simply order online, and have a PC staff member do the shopping for you, and you merely Pickup or have it delivered.

The cost of the service is usually between $3 and $5.00, but with the PC Insiders Subscription, This is a then a FREE Service. So if you have the Subscription – Use the service.

Depending on how many times a month you use the service – but for example, if it’s once per week, that could be a savings of $12 to $20 per month, not including the time you saved by shopping yourself.

This perk, if used, will pay for itself both Monthly and Annually if used consistently.



PC Baby

Extra Points for Baby Diapers & Formula

Get 200 PC Optimum points for every $1 spent on Baby Diapers & Formula and the best part – It doesn’t matter what brand! You can choose Pampers, Huggies, No Name, or whatever your store carries this week!

Babies are expensive, and this little perk could help you save money with the baby in your house! If there is a baby in your home, I would suggest studying the value of the Inside Subscription and see if you can benefit in other ways as well, because I think this perk by itself could help pay for itself during the year!

PC Black Label

PC Black Label – Earn 20% back in PC Optimum points

Now with the leading “PC Black Label ” and earning more PC optimum points, some people presume its the whole PC label, including the “Yellow” label. But this is not the case! It must be the Black Label, as shown above. To get a full list of the products you can find on the “Black Label” Click Here 

Just as a warning: The black label is more expensive of a product line then the “Yellow Label” and is usually priced at the same margin as other known Brand Labels.

If you are a Frugal Shopper – Signing up for Insiders Subscription for this perk only, it is not of value enough to pay for itself. I’m a pretty frugal shopper, and I have not purchased many “Black Label” products during the year.






PC Organics

PC Organics – Earn 20% back in PC Optimum points

Presidents Choice has a whole Product Line of PC Organics – Lots of produce and whole foods such as Nuts, and spices can be found. See the Full PC Organics Line – You will also find Towels and a few other odds and ends.

Organic Lover? or perhaps you are food sensitive. This may be a perk for you. I’m not sure if it worth enough to spend $99 on to earn back points. But it is not often you get a perk for purchasing organic to start with!


Free Shipping with Online Shopping

  • 20% back in points on all Joe Fresh® purchases, in-store and at joefresh.com
    20% back in points on all beauty boutique online orders with Shoppers Drug Mart
  • Free Shipping when shopping Online at both of these online retailers.

If you are a big online shopper, and Love purchasing items from JoeFresh.com and or the BeautyBoutique from Shoppers Drug Mart (ONLINE ONLY)

You will need to use this service at least once a month for itself to pay for itself if that was the sole reason for joining the subscription. But who’s kidding who, this is just a great extra perk. Especially if you find something on Clearance at Joefresh, and you don’t want to spend the extra just to get the Free Shipping! I hate filling the cart just to save the few dollars on shipping. This added little perk is worth it.

Paying for the Annual Membership

It is worth upgrading in my opinion if you are a monthly subscriber anyhow, as you will save $20.00 per year simply by paying for the membership annually vs monthly.

But I think the Travel Perk Could pay for the WHOLE insider’s subscription by itself!





$99 instant PC Travel credit on any travel booking.

PC Travel

Available only with the Annual Membership!

Some People simply think Travel is only a flight, and if you don’t fly, this perk wouldn’t be of any value, but On PC Travel Site – It says the following:

The PC Travel credit can be applied to any vacation package, cruise or flight booking, or a hotel stay of 3 or more nights.

So if you travel somewhere to even stay in a hotel for three nights, this little perk just may pay for itself, because it may just about pay for one night in a hotel. And if you Do, The whole annual subscription has now paid for itself. – Sot this is something to consider. 

You can only redeem this offer once per Annual subscription and will not accumulate from year to year.

The Annual Surprise Gift

PC Gift

What is the value of PC Insiders Surprise Annual Gift?

That’s the fun part – It’s a surprise, but the last few years its been estimated to be of a value of $15.00 – $20.00

So Don’t sign up for the Annual Subscription just for the Surprise Gift – Unless you want more stuff, you may not use like a BBQ toolset. It’s just an additional perk!




PC Insiders Subscription Review

My Over All thoughts on the whole Program!

It’s up to your shopping habits and how you spend money on food and Loblaws stores in general.

Absolute Yes: 

In my opinion, the following perks would or could pay for itself during the month or year.

  • Travel Plans for a Hotel for 3 Nights? Go Annual!
  • Pay to Express Grocery Pickup Service? Try Monthly
  • Have a Baby in Your House!? Try Monthly
  • You purchase Organic Foods as much as possible – Try Monthly

If the above does not apply to your shopping habits, I wouldn’t suggest purchasing a subscription unless its a really good deal Like 50% off Annual or something, as I don’t think if you are a super Frugal Shopper without a baby in your house, will pay for itself in the year, unless you are a massive online shopper at Joefresh and beauty boutique and hate paying for shipping, and simply want the convenience.




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