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Pediasure Contest for Canada 2017

Enter to win WIN a Box of PediaSure products

Simply tell why you like PediaSure for a chance to win a box of PediaSure products! Comment on the Facebook contest post.

Good Luck.

Rules: no rules posted, these are assumed.

  • Single entry
  • Valid Facebook account
  • Open to Canada residents
  • Quebec friendly
  • Age of majority

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This giveaway ended on September 13, 2017

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Pediasure Nutritional Drinks

Use PediSure when you think your child may not be getting enough nutrition. Many of you parents out there are dealing with a picky eater. Dealing with a child that refuses to eat can be very frustrating

Proper nutrition is so essential when you are dealing with a growing child. They must get the appropriate amount of vitamins and minerals daily.

If your child is one of the ones that is not getting the proper amount of nutrition, why not try a PediaSure product today.

These drinks and shakes provide a balanced amount of vitamins and minerals that your child needs to promote healthy growth and development. Get the peace of mind you need.

It contains protein and 26 essential vitamins and minerals that little bodies need to function properly. Healthy development and growth are significant at this stage of a child’s life. Trust PediaSure Complete for all these nutritional needs.