Summer is around the corner, and you may be due for an oil change! Well, We are always here to help save you money. And we found a new rebate for you to save money on your following oil change.

Pennzoil is a pretty famous brand when it comes to automotive oil. Here is the list of rebates where you upload your receipt to get cashback.

Pennzoil Canada Rebate: Up to $25

Purchase 10Liters of Penzoil Platinum Motor oil, and get a $25.00 off gift card.

It doesn’t matter how you get to 10 L, just as long as you get to the 10L – Including ten 1Liters, or you must purchase two 4 Liters and 2 1 Liters, but this purchase of 10Liters of Pennoizil Platinum full synthetic motor oil in a SINGLE TRANSAction

Then you will need to upload your receipt to the Pennzoil rewards page to claim your gift card at $25.00

Start on Your Rebate

The rebate offer ends October 31, 2022


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    About Synthetic Oil

    The difference between regular and Synthetic oil is that Synthetic is lighter in velocity and tends to pour a bit thinner. I’ve always used Synthetic I think you get better quality of oil with Synthetic.

    Pennzoil Synthetic oil is actually a gas-to-liquid process that converts natural gas to oil. Pennzoil believes it has the benefit of having fewer impurities from the start.

    History of Pennzoil

    Pennzoil was founded back in the year 1913 in California, USA. It was originally called South Penn oi, but when they merged with another company in 1963, they changed the name to Pennzoil