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Are you due for an oil change? Well, We found you a great way to save money on your next oil change. It’s with Pennzoil, and you can get your oil changed using this coupon at a few retailers found across Canada, depending on your postal code.

Oil Change Coupons:

Save Between $5 and $10 On Your Next Motor Oil Change off your next qualifying oil change using Pennzoil Oil at a location near you

You can receive this coupon via text, email or print it out.

Click Here for Coupon

Coupon Expiry Ends December 31, 2020





How often should you change your Oil?

This is such a variable question with so many answers to be truthful. But the formal answer would be to follow you’re the instructions in your auto manual.

The old rule of thumb was every 6000 km, but with a lot of new models out there they are saying every 10,000 km. And some say if you run synthetic you can get away with it leaving it an extra 1000 km or so. But to be on the safe side – read your manual and make the decision from there.

Do it yourself Oil Changes Vs Lube Chain store

If you can do it yourself, you probably should, as you can save money by doing it yourself. But I do find places on the go to do oil changes very handy, and I usually feel a bit more secure I didn’t miss another problem. I like the little extra check tires, top of window fluid washer etc. I can also get my air filter checked etc, even though I could do this myself, I do enjoy the convenience of.

How to Save Money on Oil Changes

Regardless of the method of Do it yourself, or having a garage or service place do the oil change for you. Don’t be Shy – Bring your own supplies. Many service places purchase their oil, filters, etc at a massive discount and still charge you full markup. So if you happen to see oil on sale at your local hardware or parts store, don’t be shy to stock up. The same goes with your air filter and other small items such as wiper blades.



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