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Baby Proofing Tips

  1. Get down on your hands and knees, and take a new look around your house for anything that could harm your baby or toddler.
  2. Make sure every surface below your chest level is clear of any dangers.
  3. Install rubber stoppers on the top of all of your doors, so your baby’s fingers can’t get pinched.
  4. Put plug covers on all unused outlets, and hid all used outlets with furniture.
  5. Always keep your purse and any guest’s purse out of reach.
  6. Install locks on all of your cabinet and drawers.
  7. Put baby gates at all stairwells and doorways to any rooms that aren’t safe for the baby to get into.
  8. Put doorknob covers on all of your doors to outside to prevent your toddler from sneaking out of the house.
  9. Remove rubber tips from all of the door stoppers in your house. This is a prevalent cause of choking.
  10. Place slip-proof mats underneath all throw rugs and doormats to prevent falls and injuries.
  11. Install locks at the top of doors you don’t want your toddler opening, particularly doors that open to the outdoors.
  12. Use a toilet lid lock to prevent drowning… and baby getting sick from all of the germs.
  13. Put plastic of foam corner cover guards on all sharp corners. (most table corners, desk corners, oven handles, counter edges are at a toddlers eye level)
  14. Secure all TVs, bookshelves, tall dressers (anything that can topple over if a toddler tries to climb it) to prevent serious injury.
  15. Find out which plants are safe and which are dangerous.
  16. Always make sure the floor is clear of small objects every single time you enter a room.
  17. Install a baby proof soft tub faucet cover to protect the baby’s head in the bath.

If you can think of any baby proofing tips that I may have missed, please leave them in the comment section below so that I can add them to the list 🙂