New Pharmasave Coupons for Canada

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  • $1 off Rub A535 Cream 100 g or Ice Gel 150 g
  • $1 off Motrin Infant Drops 30 mL or Children Suspension Liquid 120 mL
  • $1.50 off Systane Ultra Eye Drops 10 mL or Lid Wipes 32’s
  • $4 off Pharmasave Stop Smoking Aid 7’s
  • $2 off CoverGirl Lip Colour, Assorted Colours

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The coupon Expiry Date is unknown

Pharmasave Coupon Policy:

1. No overage ( Will only give it to you free if the item is less than the coupon)

2.  No Photocopies

3. Coupons not be applied against any free item received in any offer

4. Does not accept Competitor’s coupons

5.  Must have an expiry date

6. Accepts Printed Coupons as long as they are clear and state they are a manufactured coupon and serial number

7. Have a Canadian Redemption address

8.  No Doubling unless advertised

9. More than one coupon may be accepted for an item as long as it is both a manufacturer coupon and an in-store coupon;

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About & History

Founded in 1981. Pharmasave is one of Canada’s drugstore retailers with independent pharmacies.  There are over 475 stores across nine provinces.
Each Pharmasave store is operated independently to serve its community.