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About Pita Break

Pita Break products are available across Canada, mostly in Ontario & Quebec.


  • Flax Sandwich OneBun
  • Multi-Grain Sandwich OneBun
  • Multi-Grain 100 Calorie OneBun
  • Multi-Grain Hot Dog OneBun
  • Cranberry Pumpkin Seed Crispy Pita Chips
  • Rosemary Garlic Crispy Pita Chips
  • Organic Wheat Crispy Pita Chips
  • Organic Spelt with Flax Crispy Pita Chips
  • Regular Large Pita
  • Whole Grain Wheat Large Pita
  • Multi-Grain Large Pita
  • Flax Large Pita
  • Organic Whole Wheat Large Pita
  • Regular mini Pita
  • Whole Grain Wheat Mini Pita
  • Apple Cinnamon Breakfast Pita
  • Cranberry Orange Breakfast pita
  • Morning Grain Breakfast Pita
  • Breakfast Muesli Breakfast Pita
  • Muesli Breakfast Rounds
  • Multi-Grain Breakfast Rounds
  • Apple Cinnamon Breakfast Rounds
  • Cranberry Orange Breakfast Rounds
  • Rye Lavish Crackers
  • Chipotle Lavish Crackers
  • Apple & Honey Lavish Crackers
  • Flax & Honey Lavish Crackers
  • Multi-Grain & Honey Lavish Crackers
  • Organic Spelt Lavish Crackers
  • Organic Whole Wheat Lavish Crackers
  • Apple Cinnamon Just Minis
  • Muesli Just Minis
  • Multi-Grain Just Minis