How to Plan a Halloween Party for Kids



Kids get excited when Halloween rolls around. They spend time putting together a costume or having their parents purchase a costume for them.  Parents on the other hand, often get nervous when Halloween rolls around because of the dangers their children can face while out trick or treating. Some parents opt to have a Halloween party for kids in their own home. Here are some tips for planning a Halloween party for kids for those who may be doing this for the very first time.

Tips for Planning a Halloween Party for Kids


  1. Budget- The first thing that you need to think about is how much money you have set aside for your Halloween party. Once you know how much money you have, decide on the number of kids that you will be invited to the party.
  2. Theme- Decide on a theme for your party. Ghosts and Goblins, Monsters, Frankenstein or even Zombies are some ideas for you to choose from. By choosing one main theme, your decorations, invitations, and even treats will give you a basis in which to build on.
  3. Invitations– Invitations for the party should be sent out. If you are inviting classmates, your child can deliver the invitations to them while in class. Dollar stores have a good selection of Halloween invitations or you can get crafty and make some homemade Halloween invitations from craft supplies you have at home.
  4. Games– All kids expect some sort of game activity during a party. Bobbing for apples is a popular Halloween party game, Halloween Go Fish is another. Try to plan to have at least two Halloween games.
  5. Music– A party should have music. Purchase a Halloween cassette tape or stream some Halloween music from one of your electronic devices.
  6. Treats- For a fun-filled Halloween activity, you could have the children make their own Halloween treats. Mandarin oranges can be used as pumpkins and chopped celery can be the pumpkin stalk. Bananas can be chopped into halves and decorated with raisins or even cake decorating gel to design eyes of the Halloween Ghosts.
  7. Grab Bag Treats- All kids love to take home a bag of treats from a party. Costume jewelry, coloring books, pencils, toy soldiers, erasers, and other similar items can be bought from the Dollar Store. Make sure to pick up a supply of Halloween candy from the Dollar Store to add to their take home Halloween treat bag.

The above tips for planning a Halloween party for kids should give you some ideas as what you will need to make your Halloween party a hit. You should also include your children in the planning of the Halloween party. They can give you some ideas as to what type of games they want to play, the music, and even what type of Halloween movies they want to watch. Decide on what time you want the Halloween party to end as you will have to ensure that each child arrives home safely. If you happen to have extra space in your home, you could also turn it into a sleepover for some or all of the kids.



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