Pomsies Walmart Canada Sale: $19.88


Pomsies Canada Toys

Pomsies are predicted to be one of the Hottest Toys this 2018 Christmas season!

The best prices we have found right now is from Walmart.ca

You can select from various colours of Pomsies for just $19.97

Shop Walmart.ca today

Shipping prices vary on your shipping options.

Also: Well.ca has a small selection for $19.97 and shipping is free on orders over $35.00

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Pomsies TV Commercial:

We found the Original Pomsies television Commercial – so you can see what your kid is seeing when they ask for the toy!

Watch a Review on Youtube:

This review is one of the top viewed reviews on Youtube for this Hot predicted toy for 2018.

Watch it below:

This hot new called Pomsies,  are also called Pomsies Pom Pom Pets because of they kind of look just like a little pom-pom or just a puff of fur

What exactly are Pomsies?

Well, like Fingerlings, they’re interactive and wearable interactive pets.  Pomsies instead of hands like the Fingerlings – they have a long soft and fuzzy tail you can wrap around your wrist or a backpack.

The Eyes will light up and even can change colour depending on their mood. You will always know if your new Pomsie pom pet is happy, sleepy, silly or just plain Hungry. They have up to 50 different reactions –

Yes, they can Play Freeze Dance with your child as well!

Each Pet comes with a brush to help your child keep their pet’s fur silky soft.

Stores You can find Pomsies in:

  • Walmart
  • Well.ca
  • Amazon.ca
  • Mastermind Toys
  • Toys R Us
  • Canadian Tire

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