Introducing the Presidents Choice Rewards Program!

  • Currently only available at Loblaws Stores

Stores that accept Points loyalty are as follows:

The following are only available in Ontario

  • Loblaws
  • Independent
  • Real Canadian Superstores
  • Fortinos
  • No Frills
  • Zehrs
  • Extra Foods
  • Valumart


  • Dominion
  • Atlantic Real Canadian Superstore
  • No Frills


  • Independent
  • Real Canadian Superstore
  • Extra Foods
  • No Frills


  • Loblaws
  • Provigo
  • No Frills

What is PC Plus?

The PC plus is a rewards program that is supposed to give you personalized offers based on your shopping habits and will provide you with personalized offers.

Simply Shop and earn points by purchasing items with a PC plus flag or featured in your weekly offers. Then you can redeem your points for groceries, gift cards etc.


How can I participate?

Join President Choice Rewards – It’s Free

Membership in the Program is free to join – A limit of 1 account per person. You must be at least 14 years old.  You will need a PC plus devices to participate, such as a key tag or plastic Card that is available at participating stores.  You will need to register your Card online to create a PC plus account.

To earn PC points more quickly – you can add additional users to your account


Earning PC points

Simply sign on to your PC Rewards accounts and load your weekly offers (online or application) then shop at the participating store for the items featured in your account that appeal to you. Or complete a transaction described in the offer.

You must present your Card before you pay for your purchases. If you have registered your Card online at, you may receive personalized PC points offers – simply sign in online or via the mobile App and:

You can earn PC points still with a PC financial Card.


Redeeming PC points:

If you would like to redeem: simply tell the cashier at the end of the sale you would like to redeem your points

You must have a minimum of 20,000 points which equals to $20.00 in free rewards, If you want to redeem more than 20,000 points, you must redeem in increments of 10,0o0 points.  You cannot redeem more PC points than the dollar value of the purchase – No cashback will be provided

The PC points do not expire – However, if your account is not active over two years – your report will be closed, and your points will be lost.


Earning points with a President Choice Financial Card

When you use a PC Financial debit or credit card to participate in the Program, you can earn and redeem at any Loblaws store, including NO Frills Real Canadian Super Store etc.

  • 5 PC points per $1 on qualifying purchases made with a PC Financial debit card (not available in Quebec) at Loblaw Banner Stores;
  • 10 PC points per $1 on qualifying purchases made with a PC Financial credit card (currently a silver card) at Loblaw Banner Stores
  • 20 PC points per $1 on qualifying purchases made with a PC Financial credit card

Loblaws Guiding Stars Program

Shop with Guiding Stars and earn FREE PC Points.

  • Buy any 3-star rated item and earn 100 FREE PC Points
  • 2 stars = 50 free points
  • 1 star =25 free points

Click here for more information on the New Guiding Stars Program at Loblaws

This offer is valid for a limited time only.

Find Guiding Stars on Shelf Labels

What Are Star Ratings You Might Ask?

“Three stars is the highest possible rating an item can receive. In most cases, three stars mean an item received several credits and minimal debits. As the star rating decreases, the credits decrease, and the debits increase”

The Presidents Choice Plus App:

You can enjoy all the new smart rewards from your iPhone or Android. You will get offers and earn points, and be able to redeem points for dollars off your grocery bill.

Smart features include:

The App will let you know when you have any new offers so you can load them into your iPhone and earn points when you buy the qualifying items.  It also will keep track of your transactions, and you can view your point balance.

The App also has a shopping list and some dinner suggestions based on what you buy the most and what’s on sale! How to Get President Choice Rewards on your mobile phone:

PC Insider Paid Membership

Available in the PC insider Membership you can purchase for an opportunity to earn more points on selected items and includes a surprise Gift and Travel voucher – Get the PC Insider Scoop