Presidents Choice FREE $5 Off Coupon When You Return Pots Or Flats


PC Garden Centre Offer June 2017

Receive a $5.00 off $50 purchase coupon when you return at least 25 plastic pots or flats to your local PC Garden Centre.

Click here for FREE $5 off coupon from PC Garden Centre. 

This offer is valid for a limited time only.



About The President’s Choice Brand

President’s Choice is a private store label, owned by Loblaws LTD. Canada’s biggest grocery retailer. The president’s Choice is a Loblaws premium line, they make a wide range of grocery products, household products, cell phones and even have a financial service. Unlike other store labels, President’s Choice has made it their mission equal to or better than the competing brand name products.

President’s Choice first hit shelves in 1984. By 1990, there were over 500 President’s Choice products being sold. Today there are over 1,000!


Other President’s Choice Lines

  • Teddy’s Choice ~ Baby Products
  • Mini Chefs ~ Foods aimed at children ages 5-10 yrs old
  • Organics ~ Organic Foods
  • All Canadian ~ Meat Products (only produces and sold in British Columbia)
  • Blue Menu ~ Low Fat, Healthier Ingredients (whole grains etc.)
  • Green ~ Environmentally Friendly Products
  • Black LaHigh-Endgh End Products & Imported Products


Where to Buy President’s Choice Products

  • Loblaws
  • Loblaw Great Food
  •  Dominion
  •  No Frills
  •  Real Canadian Superstore
  •  Provigo
  •  Your Independent Grocer
  •  Atlantic Superstore
  •  Zehrs Markets
  •  Fortinos



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