Printable Coupons Canada-Save $1.50 Off Alfa One Rice Bran Oil Via Smartsource

There is a new coupon available from This one saves you $1.50 off Alfa One Rice Bran Oil(500 ml or 1 L).

Click here to print coupon.

Just what is Alfa One Rice Bran Oil you may be wondering?

Nutritionally balanced and versatile, Alfa One Rice Bran Oil is naturally light and clean tasting. It contains the plant sterol oryzanol which has been shown to help the body reduce cholesterol absorption. Alfa One Rice Bran Oil is high in antioxidants such as vitamin E and high in ‘good’ mono and polyunsaturated fats. With a high smoke point of 250oC its ideal for frying, barbecuing, grilling, stir fries and great for non-stick baking. Available in either 500mL or 1L size.

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