Printable Price Lists for Your Couponing Needs

Are you left wondering “When should I use my coupon? Or do you ask yourself “Is this a good price?”. Well I’ve created a sampling of each category( from my coupon binder)

Each list contains the best posted flyer price during the period of the last 3 months. Also included is Wal-Mart’s regular pricing, because some stores such as Sobeys or Co-op’s sale prices often cost more than Wal-Mart’s regular price.

These lists are designed for the newer people who are just getting started into couponing. By no means is this a complete list of every product available for purchase, but instead will list the more popular brand name items.

Grocery Price List: Printable

Health & WellnessPrice List : Printable

Laundry and Cleaners Price Page  Printable

Bath & Beauty Products Price Book Page Printable


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