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Jun 23, 2020

Product Testing is available in Canada ~ In a variety of ways. 

Some companies distribute free samples to a certain amount of people based on specific criteria. It may factor where you live, how old you are, If you have children, health problems, etc. Companies sometimes only have a certain amount of products to try, so they may even do it randomly.

You will need to be an active participant on these sites as, without competent reviewers, these programs wouldn’t work.

Brands / Review Companies with Product Testing Sites work together to allow you to try products for free in exchange for your input of feedback and honest opinion.

Each product review site works a little differently, and each review may have its requirements.

Not every single member will be eligible for every campaign. Criteria are usually based on a qualifying survey you will need to fill out such as children, location, shopping habits, hobbies, etc

To get the most of these programs, It’s a HUGE Qualifier to be an ACTIVE member of each of these sites.

You must expect “Nothing” and hope for “something” as an opportunity to try a product.

Check out what other free stuff you can get. Saving money has never been easier with Canadian Free Stuff.


Bzz Agents  Answer quick surveys to fill us in on the things you like, so we can invite you to try the products you’ll love. Share your thoughts on the products we send you by starting real conversations, online and off.


Chick Advisors:: You need to do 5 Product Reviews before generally being considered into the Product Review Club. The more you participate, the more chances you will be chosen.

Family Rated: This is a sister company of Chick Advisors – so you also need to be a contributor to be considered to chosen to participate in their offers. Be aware that many offers are only for USA residents.

Sampler: Just Sign up, and you will time to time get offers to try new products by doing quick surveys to see if you are eligible.







Home Steader Club: Do a few product reviews, and you can be chosen to Test some fresh grocery products. You will need to do a few surveys before as well.


Influencer: This site lets you flex your social media influence and earn rewards using Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. Plus VoxBoxes: Each month, Influenster ships out thousands of exclusive VoxBoxes to their members.

PTPA media ~ We’ve got a panel of expert bloggers writing about everything from stay-at-home adventures to deals on fabulous products. An online catalogue of winning products, as selected by parents just like you. But best of all, you can become one of our parent testers, receive free products and make a difference.


Social Nature: Sign up for Healthy Alternatives new products – GMO-Free and other exceptional healthy items to try. Again, you will need to apply and hope you are a lucky contestant.



Product Testing ~ Once you are accepted, we will send you email invitations to participate in product evaluations as projects arise which match your demographics (obtained during registration). These email invitations will spell out the various details about the project, i.e., the type of product, the estimated time involved, the period, the incentives, etc. If you are qualified and willing, you are linked to a screening questionnaire. We select participants from among those who have completed the screener. If we have more qualified registrants than we need, we randomly select the participants.

Location-Based Product Testing Opportunities 

Alberta Agriculture in Edmonton Alberta  ~ Available in Edmonton Alberta The Consumer Product Testing Centre (CPTC) is part of the Food Processing Development Division of Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development. We work with Alberta’s agri-food industry to develop new food products and processes that help add value to Alberta’s agricultural commodities. Evaluation of many of these new food products takes place at the CPTC, where taste panellists sample the foods and give their consumer opinions. CPTC staff maintains a secure database of people over the age of 18 who are periodically recruited to participate in taste panels. Those who meet the demographic requirements for the particular test are asked to compete at a scheduled time and date. All participants receive an honorarium, starting at $15

ACCCE ~ in Mississauga, Ontario ~The majority of ACCE International’s projects and studies are conducted as central location tests (CLT). Respondents, who are recruited to participate in these types of studies, come to an ACCE facility to evaluate products. The main CLT facility is in Mississauga, Ontario, with partner facilities in key Canadian, US, and European cities.

Individual Companies in Canada Offer Product Reviews Panels


I’m sure there are more of them. Please leave a comment on any that have been missed so that I can include them.



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  1. I retired a few months ago and would like to become a product tester. I am located in Manitoba, Canada.

  2. I live in Quebec and work outside year round and I am interested in becoming a product tester

  3. Does anyone read the information on the “”? it’s a website that provides information from Retail Brands for US-Consumers in Canada, you have to go on each listed websites for more details. Red-Alert pops in our mind when we see “FREE anything”…I’ve had “New Products” send for me to try out & post my reviews on Social Media sites but by the time sample arrived (it’s available @ store level for 3 months) – I could have gotten a sample @ the store.
    Eg. You were @ Starbucks you’re not sure how this new drink taste like ask the Barista to make you a sample shot. The Bay, SDM, Pharmacy/Grocery stores they all have samples for us to try (despite they say they don’t – it’s available) doesn’t hurt to ask!!! My grocery pharmacy offered me 3-4 pkgs of Cetaphil Cleanser-Moisturizer to try because I have allergies to certain ingredients. ***Make sure the sample is in original sealed tube or pkg and not the “Scoop in container” to prevent from Infection***

  4. How can I get my foot into this door ??
    I’m more than intrigued and eager to learn more about the full scope of this opportunity, get my toes wet and hopefully dive right in and make a good go of it etc, etc.

  5. You don’t sign up for the product testing in the comments. You have to go to the actual website of the company, people. Canadian freebies just lists the sites.

  6. Hello, I make videos on social media i would love to test products speak about them and share with my platform. Please do consider me for Product testing. 🙂

  7. I’ve got a lot of products that have been reviewed online and on social media. However, all items were bought and paid for by me. I am now looking for a fun opportunity to test and review products for many various companies. I’m a young talented individual who’s into technology, hardware & tools, organizational products, photography DSLR’s and camera lens. I’ve got a whole lot of other interests and hobbies and love trying out cool new gadgets, toys, and products. I live in Toronto, Ontario, where the weather goes from summer to freezing winter -35 and therefore gives me the opportunity to test a wide range of products during all seasons to really see if a product lives up to my expectations.

    Now for the products, I’ve used, and tested, not a complete list but here goes:
    Maximum inspection camera (Canadian tire Product #057-4638-6)
    Franklin stud sensor (Canadian Tire Product #057-4589-2)
    Mr. Heater 9000 BTU Buddy Portable Heater (Canadain Tire Product #076-2357-0)
    Zircon stud finder HD900c (Home Depot Canada Model # 68796 | SKU # 1001112726)
    DeWalt 15 AMP 10″ compound mitre saw DW713 (Lowes Canada Lowe’s Item 280130 Mfr Part # DW713)
    iPhone 6 & 6 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X (APPLE CANADA)
    Belkin WeMo Wi-Fi switch (Best Buy Canada Model #: F7C030fc Web Code: 10271532)
    DSRL NIKON d3200, D5200. Lenses AF-S 35mm, 40mm Micro/ Macro, 50mm, 18-55mm lenses

    I’d like to test various products and give my feedback based on constructive criteria that best suits the product. Can write blogs, and reviews on websites. Create social media content, Instagram, Facebook, various other social media platforms.

    In terms of compensation, we can discuss and come to a mutual agreement benefiting each other.

  8. Product Testing , is something I hope to be considered for . I live in Charlo New Brunswick also I have Youtube Channels one is for Playstation Gaming ..Im very honest when it comes to my opinion and if chosen I would be more then greatful . so being a product tester is something I will enjoy and strive to be a success via your products and my Youtube Channel ..I can become a brand name and be trusted by the public as an Honest and worthy person to write reviews ..Thank You for Your Consideration ..

  9. Hello there I’m interested in testing products, I’m a huge fan of testing. Thanks

  10. My name is Pamela Verge and I’m interested in testing products from corner Brook nl..

  11. I’m 53 I live in London Ontario, I feel it’s very important to get as many opinions as possible from various age groups and backgrounds as possible, before a company can say. “TRY IT, YOU WILL LIKE IT”

  12. Retired and live in Central Alberta. Love fishing, gardening. Own my home with large yard for enjoying. Would love to be a tester in Alberta

  13. Product Testing , is something I hope to be considered for . I live in London Ontario also I have 2 Youtube Channels one is for Playstation Gaming i Stream Live , and my second channel is undergoing a Rebuild and this is Exactly what I want to do ..Im very honest when it comes to my opinion and if chosen I would be more then greatful ..I used to ride Downhill Mountain Bikes had a bad accident 1 and half years ago and ..thankfully i can still walk but i have limited use of my left leg so being a product tester is something I will enjoy and strive to be a success via your products and my Youtube Channel ..I can become a brand name and be trusted by the public as an Honest and worthy person to write reviews ..Thank You for Your Consideration ..

  14. Hi,
    I worked as a mystery shopper for a large organization for 15 years until the company was sold. I am interested in being a product reviewer as a continuation of that work, by helping to create bridges between buyers and products.

  15. I like that i can do something fun at home and ever one can help me with it to. thank you so much!

  16. Hey team, if this is still available I would love to participate. I currently work from home and have free time to try products and give my opinion about them.
    Please consider me
    Thank you

  17. I would like to be a product tester. I am a retired Engineer. About 20 years ago I was a service manager for the North Shore Canadian Tire in Kamloops BC.

  18. I would love to be a product tester. I like in British Columbia and I have a YouTube channel. I can do product reviews for you and add them to my YouTube channel.

  19. I reside in New Brunswick. I would welcome the opportunity to be a product tester for you. Thank you.

  20. Would love to be a product tester, have 2 sons, 1 daughter, 2 grandchildren age 9 & 10. Partner is a mechanic and kind of a chef, Sons are carpenters, underground drillers, Please consider me. Live in Manitoba

  21. I would Love to Test Products, I like to try Different Items. One of my Favorite things to do is to go Shopping. I also like to Cook, Garden, walking Etc. I have a Husband, 2 Dogs and 3 Cats, ,!!!

  22. I am french from NB, i’m retired since may 2017, i’ve been working in a papermill for 41 years by the I’ve started at the mill at age of 17 so i’m 58. I’ve beenn giving training since 1993 at the safety, tag & lock, confined space, mask, tdg (transportation of dangerous good), traing also for the different labs in the mill. So has you see testing is my buisiness. I would love to test your product.

  23. I live in Hamilton an would love to become a product tester and provide clear and honest feed back. I’m mother of four girls from age 25-35 and have 2 grandchildren age of 3 (twins). I have been working in banking industry for over 28 years and plan on early retiring as of Jan 1st, 2018.

  24. i live in british columbia canada would love to test products for my expected baby how do i get involved

  25. Would love the chance to test and review products I will give an honest input weather good or bad with details as to why
    thanks for the opportunity

  26. I’m a stay at home mom with a special needs little girl and playing at home with her and teaching her thing’s, I hope she can use later in life and I’m finding thing’s are expensive and could use help and help other’s out with what might be the best product for them or there family and or i.e. home…
    My name is Crystal and my daughter is Isabella 6 years old

  27. For more information regarding becoming a product tester, please follow the links in the post.

  28. I have been looking for this for a while. I havw always been interested in testing products

  29. I would Love to test products. I am interested in trying New things and I would be willing to write reviews

  30. Want to be the part of Product Tester from long time .Hopefully this time my dream will come true.

  31. I am interested in becoming product tester. Im in Hamilton Ont. I love to try new stuff.

  32. I would love to be a product tester! I hope it’s available in my area Sydney Mines Nova Scotia! Fingers crossed!

  33. This is what I’ve been looking for!
    I’d love to be / am interested in becoming a product tester!

  34. I’m in vancouver and I’m open to trying and testing new products. I have two boys and a husband who are ready to try new products.

  35. Hi there i am due to have a baby girl in october and i am interested in trying new products. Thank you

  36. I’m willing to start testing products and writing reviews on the sites for
    Other people to view I have been lookin and signing up all
    Over for r thing like this but it’s either only available to us residents or well ya that’s it lol would be very nice to
    Hear back


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