Coupons For Real Canadian Superstore This Week

Real Canadian Superstore Coupon Matchup & Promo Codes

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Discover Coupons For Real Canadian Superstore.

The Real Canadian Superstore is one of the more popular Loblaws Stores where you can find weekly discounts on grocery and department store items. They offer lots of savings, and many weeks they have great coupons and promo codes to help save you more money on grocery shopping. Visit this page next week as well to find more Superstore coupons and the week after that.

Real Canadain Superstore Coupons & Promo Codes

This week is starting the following promo codes you can use while shopping online with RCSS ( superstore) and save money in the process.

energizer at rcss

In-Store or PC Express Spend $300.00 or More and Receive 2 FREE packs of Energizer Max Batteries ( valued at $25.00 or more)

PC Express ( Online Grocery Shopping Promo Codes ) 

Activia Silk Coupon

Save $1.00 off on select Silk Products by entering the following coupon code:

Coupon Code: Danone2020 

Shop Here

Korr at real canadian superstore

Save a $1.00 off any Knorr concentrated Boullion Product

Use coupon code: Knorr20

Shop Here 


Spend $10.00 on participating Kelloggs Cereals and Kelloggs will donate $10 back to Charities

Promo code: Give10Back

Click Here to shop 

Optimum Points / Coupon Matchup! 

(Western Canada Flyer Used)

If you are new to matchups. Some Terminology used: Checkout51 is a Cashback rebate app, and Pc Optimum points or bonus points are for PC Optimum Points Rewards Program 

October 16, 2020 – October 22, 2020 

Remember to Scan to WIN 

  • OIKOS Greek Yogurt, Fat-Free, Plain, $4.98 + 500 Optimum points
  • Huggies Little Snugglers: $27.98
  • SKITTLES Assorted Halloween Candy, 150 Count $13.98 + 2000 Bonus points
  • Spend $10 on Select General Mills and get 3000 bonus points
  • Charmin Bathroom Tissue $13.98
  • M&Ms $3.98
  • Snickers Bars 4pk $2.98
  • Cracker Barrel Block Cheese $5.98
  • Cracker Barrel Sliced Cheese $3.98
  • Robin Hood Flour 10kg $10.98 + 2000 bonus optimum points
  • Melitta whole Bean coffee $12.98
  • Cerave $13.98
  • CAVENDISH Farms $2.98 ( BOGO FREE Rebate) 
  • McCain fries $1.98
  • Glad trash bags $4.98 +500 bonus points
  • Delissio Pizza $2.98 ( Caddle) 
  • Pringles $2.00 + Checkout51
  • Cheez its $1.97 + Checkout51
  • Kelloggs Family Sized Cereal + 1000 Bonus points
  • Swanson Dinners $6.47 + Checkout51
  • Catelli gluten-free $2.28 + Caddle
  • Catelli Smart $1.97 + Caddle
  • Purina Cat Food $6.97
  • Goldfish Crackers $7.98
  • Bear Paws $2.00
  • Cheetos $2.67
  • Bonus 12000 points WUS $30 on Nestle Candy
  • Schneiders Protein packs $2.97 – See in-store coupon for B1G1 FREE
  • Spend $10 on Vaseline Skin Care and get a bonus of 4000 points
  • Dial Bar Soap $2.98 + Checkout51
  •  Tylenol $6.97 + Checkout51
  • U By Kotex $7.98 +Checkout51
  • Centrum $10.98 + Checkout51
  • Nicorette products $29.97 + Checkout51+ Bonus 2000 points


Grocery Delivery Coupon

Get $10.00 off your first RCSS Delivery order of $75.00 or more.

Use Coupon Code: FIRSTORDER10


RCSS Sales

Real Canadian Superstore Flyer

Browse the Real Canadian Superstore Weekly Flyer to find this week’s ways to save money on groceries and other items you may require. Also, you can spend and earn PC Optimum points each week as well. Enjoy savings each week on discounted beauty products and food. Takaaadvantageeece of some of the better RCSS Deals such as Stock up Days Event no purchase Bulk Items.

PC Express

Take the Store Opinion Survey – Win a $1000 PC Gift Card or 1 Million PC Points

PC Express available at RCSS

A Convenient Way to Shop online and only Pickup! You can shop from home and still enjoy the Optimum points and never miss a deal, as you will pay the same amount as the flyer! No Need to Worry About Freshness either when choosing fruit and vegetables as they provide a Freshness Guarantee!

Sign up for a PC Optimum membership card to start earning points towards future discounts on your grocery bill at your leisure. Take advantage of your persona offers from Loblaws Stores, and also, you can Earn Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum Rewards.


About Real Canadian Superstore

The name indeed says it all! It’s a Huge Real Superstore with both grocery and department store items under the same roof, and Yes, it’s Truly Canadian after all. You can shop from Joe Fresh Clothing, and Use printed coupons; RCSS wants to provide the typical Canadian with a better way to save money and offer better quality when possible.

RCSS is where you can find useful quality items that are affordable and is convenient to shop for as a one-stop-shop. Check back with us and check out the latest Real Canadian Supers Store promo code before making your next purchase.

PC Points

You can collect PC Points using the PC Plus Card Program: Learn more about it!




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Real Canadian Superstore Coupon Matchup & Promo Codes


  1. I got my General Mills Cheer Pack today at Superstore and the coupon inside (for the tshirt) that should have the pin in blank! Weird! I went to the website but it wasn’t helpful.


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