Redpath Sugar Contest: WIN a Redpath Prize Pack

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Redpath Contest for Canada 2019.

Comment to Win Contest.

Enter for your chance to WIN a Redpath Prize Pack.

The approximate retail value of each prize pack is unknown (varies per contest).

To enter this contest, simply go to the Official, Redpath Sugar Instagram page via the link below, locate the current contest post, Like and Comment and follow the instructions provided in the contest post.

Good Luck!

Rules: (none posted, all rules are assumed)

  • Single entry (one entry per contest post)
  • Open to Canada only
  • Excludes Quebec
  • Age of majority
  • valid Instagram account

Enter Giveaway Here (via Instagram)

This Redpath Contest runs for approximately one week from posting date.

This Redpath Contest is ongoing 2019.


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10 Practical ways to use Sugar ( Redpath) 


Redpath Sugar

This company is located in Toronto, Ontario. They provide sugar and sugar products to ordinary consumers as well as businesses throughout Canada.

Plants make sugar through something known as photosynthesis. Plants make sugar so they can store the energy that they do not need immediately. Carbon Dioxide is absorbed through the leaves and waters the roots. They both use solar energy and combine to make sugar.

Redpath Products

The newest product from this company is a reusable, recyclable container. Add more sugar if you like, or use it for something else. There are so many uses that the sky is the limit. Fits nicely in your cupboard which is very convenient.

Granulated White Sugar

This is the highest selling product from Redpath. It is used in baking and sweetening every product. Whether it be tea, coffee, baked goods, etc.

Icing Sugar

This product can be used to make smooth, delicious frosting or just sprinkled on food that needs that little extra boost of flavour from time to time.

Brown Sugar

Contains a little hint of molasses flavour. Use it in baking or sprinkle it on your favourite food.

Instant Dissolving Sugar

Dissolves immediately. Very convenient.


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  1. I like to win the Redpath contest, however, I do not have my friends permission.
    Redpath is the best though.


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