Ruckify is a New and Old concept! I’m sure you have read about Renting out Your Car or Your RV in the past, Well Ruckify is along the same lines, but it is for “Stuff.”

Want to Kayak for the Weekend before Fall kicks into the cold? Think Ruckify! Or perhaps you have tons of tools in your shop, and you wouldn’t mind “renting out.”

Owning Stuff Costs Money. 

Besides the initial purchase, whatever it is – it is going to cost you money. For example, a new top of line Must have Laptop you want to purchase for a unique travel adventure.

There is the cost of upkeep, including your time.  You will have to purchase cleaning products, keep them secure. And keep track of all its cords and accessories.

Mountain Bike: – Let’s say you want to take up biking as a new hobby, so you do your research, and you find XYZ brand, and it’s a whopping  $1200.00. Ouch!  Throw it on Your Visa, and carry on with life. Now you have to Lug that Bike up the stairs, or it’s taking up 3x 4 square feet in your storage space, and because of the hassle, you have only used it once in the last year.  You have now not only spent $1200.00 on the initial purchase, but you have to secure the bike, store the bike, clean or dust off the bike once in a while, etc.

Many People don’t realize how much work it takes to Own stuff until you decide to move, and you have to hold a giant garage sale to get rid of it all so that you can restart the cycle of consumerism.

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Home Renovation Tools

Tools are expensive, and you need a lot of them for home maintenance repairs and any home renovation plans you have. But again, it’s a collection of stuff you need to store when truly you only need that item for a short time. Say goodbye to having to own a table saw, air tanks, air hammers, mitre saw, etc., and Hello, Ruckify!  Now you can rent these items, or perhaps you have a garage full of Home renovation tools you can rent out and earn a bit of SIDE Hussle Cash!

Side Hussle

Start Renting out your Stuff. If it is sitting collecting dust, and you have to look after that stuff anyhow, why not make a few extra dollars!  Rent out that Canoe you have behind that shed in the back yard, Rent out that Table Saw that’s sitting in the garage, Rent out that Car Trailer for a weekend.  Start looking at your storage units, and see what you could be renting out instead of renting for storage.


I’m becoming more of a minimalist these days. Less is More, and Ruckify is a perfect balance of renting out my stuff that I’m not busy using and is an opportunity to stop purchasing and consuming my life.!

After Registering with Ruckify

You will be invited to join Ruckify’s Rent Anything Facebook Group!  Where Ruckify admin broadcasts what items are being searched for and how much you are willing to pay for it when you need it, which helps you come up with ideas of what you could rent out and maybe see future income

Free Online Webinars

Experts of Ruckify will help you get your RuckifyStore up and running. Start renting out your stuff that’s stored in your storage lockers or hidden in your garage while not in use.

Ruckify is built with an easy-to-use posting process that will walk you through everything you need to know to get your RuckifyStore up and running.

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