Ritter Sport Chocolate Contest, Ritter Sport Contest – WIN Ritter Sport Chocolates (175 winners)



New Ritter Sport Chocolate Contest for Canada.

Royal Wedding Promotion.

Enter to WIN Ritter Sport Chocolate (175 winners).

Each winner will receive two “I Do” 250g/8.8 oz. RITTER SPORTS Limited Edition bars!

To enter this contest, go to the Official Ritter Sport Facebook page, locate the current contest post, Like and Comment, and follow the instructions provided in the contest post.


  • Single entry
  • Open to residents of Canada & USA
  • Excludes Quebec
  • Age 18+

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This Ritter Sport Chocolate contest ends May 22, 2018

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Ritter Sport Calories

You can find all the nutritional information at Calorie Count.about.com.

Depending on the flavour, there are different calorie counts.

There are 18 different varieties of this product.

Ritter Sport Vegan

If you are looking for Ritter Sports products that are Vegan, be sure to try the Dark Chocolate versions of the products.

For a product to be considered Vegan, it must not contain any animal fats whatsoever.

See all product details here to distinguish the Ritter Sport Vegan compared to the other products they have available.

About & Description of Ritter Chocolate

The Ritter family has been making chocolate for almost 100 years. They started back in 1912 as a small family confectionary with Husband and wife, which happen to grow to be sold in 80 countries and is still family-owned ( 3 Generations later)

They claim to use only the best ingredients in their chocolate, including hazelnuts from Turkey, authentic rum from Jamaica, and California grapes for their raisins.  They do not use artificial flavours – This is Chocolate with a difference.

Ritter Sport varieties

  • Vollmilch – Plain milk chocolate
  • Halbritter – Plain dark chocolate, 50% cacao
  • Knusperkeks – Milk chocolate with a butter biscuit
  • Erdbeer Joghurt – Milk chocolate strawberry and yogurt filling
  • Schoko-Duo – Plain milk chocolate and white chocolate
  • Dunkle Vollmilch – Plain medium-dark chocolate, 40% cacao
  • Voll-Nuss – Milk chocolate with whole hazelnuts
  • Edelbitter – Plain dark chocolate, 71% cacao
  • Dunkle Voll-Nuss – Dark chocolate
  • Voll Erdnuss – Milk chocolate with entire peanuts
  • Pfefferminz – Chocolate with peppermint filling
  • Weiße Voll-Nuss – White chocolate with whole hazelnuts
  • Ganze Mandel – Milk chocolate with whole almonds
  • Trauben-Nuss – Milk chocolate with raisins and hazelnut pieces
  • Joghurt – Yogurt
  • Cocos – Milk chocolate with flakes of coconut in the center
  • Marzipan – Dark chocolate with marzipan center
  • Rum Trauben Nuss – Milk chocolate with rum-soaked raisins and hazelnut pieces
  • Cappuccino – Milk chocolate and cappuccino cream
  • Haselnuss – Milk chocolate with hazelnuts
  • Praline – Milk chocolate with hazelnut praline filling