Robitussin Coupons Canada – Save $4.00 Off (Printable)

Aug 27, 2020

Robitussin Coupon for Canada.

  • Save $4.00 off Robitussin.

Robitussin Coupon is available in Print Format Only.

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#1 Doctor Recommended: Robitussin

This brand of medicine is THE #1 recommended cough medicine by doctors for adults.

Use Robitussin to fight coughs from colds, flu, and even inhaled irritants. This product is a cough suppressing agent.

Dosage: If you are curious as to the dosage level of this product it depends on age, weight, and any medical conditions you may have. Read the label very carefully and ask your pharmacist or doctor if you have any questions or concerns. Robitussin is used to treat a short-term cough if the problem persists then they suggest you see a doctor.

Side Effects: You may experience side effects from using this product. Some people do while others do not experience any symptoms at all. Here are some of the signs of possible side effects.

  • confusion
  • constipation
  • dizziness
  • drowsiness
  • nausea
  • vomiting

If you experience any allergic reactions like hives, the difficulty of breathing, swelling of the face, tongue, or throat be sure to check with your local emergency room.

Interesting Fact

Many of Robitussin Syrups contain an ingredient by the name of DXM(a mind-altering drug that sometimes is thought to produce a kind of euphoria.



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