Roots International Sweatpants Day: up to $25.00 off all regular-priced sweatpants (Jan 21)

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Roots Deals and Sales for Canada.

It’s International Sweatpants Day at Roots Stores

Save up to $25.00 off all regular-priced sweatpants

Roots Deals are available In-Store and Online.

Get the Best Deals from Roots Here

Roots Deals and Sale prices in effect until January 22, 2019

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Company History:

Roots were originally founded in 1973. The single footwear store was located in Toronto. The first shoe was the Root’s Negative Heel shoe, but ever since has been on fire, and now includes items such as jackets, luggage, fashion wear, watches and luggage.

The Roots Logo was designed by Heather Cooper & Robert Burns


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Call Roots Canada: 1-800-208-0521 Mon-Fri: 9 am to 11 pm or use this form to use email.


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