How to Save on Grilling for Friends

Summertime is here. And with summer comes a lot of get together’s with friends and family.

If you’re anything like me – You’re feeding extra people all summer long!

Here’s a few tips to save you money.

1. Say Yes

When someone asks ” Can I bring something ?”. Say Yes!  It could be simple as Ice, or perhaps a green salad, or a package of buns.  If you have a few people ask  – and you say  ” Yes”  This could really help out on the savings.

2. Save on Meat

We own  a lake lot – so we have tons of company all summer long ! We do a lot of simple bbqing all summer – We do a lot Hamburger and hotdog  Get togethers.  Once in awhile we’ll do marinated pork chops  or chicken as well.  We rarely serve steak – Only for Special occasions.

Marinade – Is the secret when you’re worried about the meat you chose if you decide to go with pork chops or if you decide on a lower grade of steak.

Don’t be Shy – Grill up Hot dogs for the kids!

3. Make Sides from Scratch

While it might take more time – Make your sides of potato salad yourself or other sides such as coleslaw.   See what vegetables are on sale and consider what to make.   Perhaps you can do corn on the cob as a side instead of creating coleslaw – This will also depend on how many guests you are serving.  Many times it’s a lot cost wise to do your own versus picking up pre made at the deli.

4. The Drinks:

Serve Juice and water  in pitchers if possible.   This will save you money vs buying bottled water and pop!.

If you want to serve pop – stock up on those as well ahead of time.

Lots of times No Name pop is cheaper – or watch for sales for your favorite brands

2Liters of pop can easily be found for $0.99  and cases of pop can be found for $3.99 quite easily or 24 pks for $5.99.

Find bottled water for $1.99 for 12-24 pks

If you want to serve adult beverages ask your guest to bring something.

5. . Stock up on Condiments

Condiments like barbecue sauce, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard can all add up to quite a few dollars during the summer months, when your grilling for friends and family – not to mention camping – and supplying a home away from home.  So if you start stocking up all year at low prices – This will save you tons of pocket dollars.  If you’re a couponer You will even save more!

  • Buy Ketchup ( Heinz) if on sale for $2.99 or Less for 1 L.
  • Buy Mustard ( French) if on sale for $1.00 ( smallest size)
  • Buy Mayonnaise ( Kraft or Hellmann’s) if on sale for less $3.00
  • Buy BBQ sauce if on sale for $1.00 ( Kraft) or Sweet Baby Rays for $2.00

Grocery stores know people are going to buy these items out of necessity during summer months  – So the sales aren’t always going to be there unless it’s a week before a major holiday.. Watch your flyers and stock up and save!


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