Product Tips

Product Tips

Ever wonder what you can use for certain products - Example home remedies? Did you know you can use used teabags for sore eyes. Or use a can of pop to clean your toilet. Well here's where you can find all these neat ideas for items you already have in your home.
How to Change Campfire Color


You can easily change the color of a camp fire. If you do it right, you can repeat the process for just about every...

5 Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea


For many people and cultures, an afternoon cup of tea is an ordinary thing. If those people are drinking green tea, then they're doing...

Bertolli Olive Oil Benefits


There are a lot of different cooking oils available in grocery stores these days,such as Bertolli  but olive oil may be one of the...

10 Practical Uses for Dove Hairspray


  Some of the uses for Dove hairspray really do require for Dove to be the brand that is used. Why? Because it is a...

10 Practical Uses for Always Pads


This might come as a surprise to you, but Always maxi-pads have many uses that are not just tied to your monthly visitor. It...

15 Reasons To Drink Celestial Seasonings Tea


Tea has long been known for its health benefits. For centuries, people have drank all kinds of tea for medicinal use as well as...

15 Uses for Alokozay Tea Bags


  Now that cold weather is upon us, it is great to cozy up in a blanket with a nice cup of Alokozay Tea under...

Canada Dry Ginger Ale 13 Awesome Uses


  13 Uses for Canada Dry Ginger Ale   Ginger Ale is not only a great mixer and a drink that is loved by lots of folks,...

10 Practical Uses for Bertolli Olive Oil


  As Bertolli olive oil becomes more popular for obvious reasons, more and more uses are found for it. Because it is edible, olive oil...

13 Uses for Downy Fabric Softener


Downy fabric softener has been around since 1960, so for the past 50 or so years, it has done it’s duty making clothes smell...

10 Alternative Clorox Household Uses


    Clorox Bleach is a staple in most people’s homes when it comes to cleaning. Most people use it in their laundry, and occasional all...

10 Uses for RedPath Sugar


If someone were to ask for 10 uses for RedPath sugar, you would probably start thinking about baking. Sugar gets a bad rap because...

15 Unusual Uses for Coke


There is nothing like cracking open a can of Coke. It can be refreshing, especially on a hot day. Did you know there are...

Maxx Scoop Cat Litter 13 Uses


  Maxx Scoop cat litter has so many more uses than just keeping kitty’s litter box odors under control. Here are several more uses you...


You probably use a coffee filter every day for making the perfect cup of Joe, but you might not know that there are lots...

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