Schneiders Coupon – Save On Grill Ems or Juicy Jumbo’s


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  • Save $1 off any Schneiders  Juicy Jumbos and Grill’ems.

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More Schneiders Coupons:

Following Tearpads to be on the look for in your grocery store:

  • Schneiders Country Frozen Chicken $1.00
  • Schneiders Juicy Jumbo’s $0.50
  • Schneiders Grillems $0.50
  • Schneiders Naturals Smoked Sausages $0.50
  • Schneiders Sausage Rings $0.50

Schneiders History:

In 1886: JM the original founder was working an assembly when he injured himself and was away from work for over a month, That’s when him and his wife, and mother started making German sausages and selling them door to door.

In 1941: Schneiders provided food to the soldiers fighting in WWII. They shipped 8 million pounds of Wiltshire bacon, and other Pork products.

In the late 1950’s the Schneiders name had 160 different products and were producing 73 million weiners per year. They were the first company in canada to vacuum package their food.

In the 1970’s Schneiders name was on over 2000 products being sold in Canada, and 80% of them were still produced in Kitchener Ontario.

In 1986 Schneiders launched 28 products with less fat, fewer calories and less salt.  They tried to appeal to those looking after their health.


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  1. I have been a Schneider’s user for many years – I have been disappointed in not being able to buy your meat pies at my local grocery stores. My family enjoyed the steak and the minced meat pies.
    Are they no longer on the market?
    Please advise.
    Thank you,
    H. Riach


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