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“It insulates, seals and helps protect electrical connections even in extreme cold, heat and moisture; an invention worthy of a birthday party.”

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Scotch™ Essentials™ Brand are quick-fix products designed to adjust or repair most of your common wardrobe misfunctions easily.

Hold Tight Strap Clips,

Tighten the strap to the desired length, locate the strap section with two layers, and place the clip next to the strap adjuster on the top strap and clip in place.

Lint Lifting Pocket Pack

Removes fuzz and fur to keep you looking your best

Instant Fix Buttons

Peel off adhesive from the pin backing, press firmly onto the back of the button, and use the pin to secure the garment.
Can be used with your buttons

Secret Safety Pins

Discreet black and white colours
Convenient to-go container fits in your purse.
Keeps clothing in place

Instant Hem Bond

No needle and thread required.
Offers a permanent fix fast
Quick and convenient