Senior Discounts Restaurants in Canada


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Seniors discounts In Restaurants 

Are you a Senior Yet? Or 55 +? Well, if you a senior citizen or over the age of 55 years of age: You can start saving money on certain days of the month at all aspects of your life.

Check out our following list of Seniors Discounts for Dining in Restaurants!

Restaurant Discounts:

Applebee’s; Senior Discount with Golden Member Card. See Applebees Free Appetizer Deal

Arby’s: Senior age is 55+, and you can get a 10% discount at participating restaurants: Also see Arbys Coupon for additional savings

A&W – 60 + for discounts – participating locations See A&W Coupons for additional savings

Burger King: Offers Discount on Coffee orders at participating locations

Golden Griddle – People 55 and over, enjoy a 10% discount (excludes alcohol)

Humpty’s: Emerald 55 Club – 55+ ask for Emerald55 card and get 10% off on all menu items( Excludes alcohol) and Every Tuesday get 20% off on all menu items

KFC: offers a free drink with meals over the age of 55+

Mandarin: 20% off buffets, 65+ with ID.

McDonald’s: At some locations, you can get discounted coffee and free refills: See McDonald’s Coupons for more savings

Taco Bell: Discounts for Senior Citizens aged 60+ at some Canadian locations: See Taco Bell Coupons for additional savings

Ricki’s All Day Grill: Save 10% off for 65+ – at participating locations

Smitty’s – Ask for a Seniors Card to get 10% off at participating locations

Subway: 10% off for those that are 60 +

Wendy’s: At some places, you can free drinks – See areas for details

Seniors Menus at Popular Chain Restaurant

ABC Country Restaurant: Seniors Menu

Denny’s: offers special Menu for 55+

IHOP: provides a special menu for 55+ Also Watch for Free Birthday Specials 

White Spot – seniors menu for 65+

More Senior Discounts:

Seniors Discounts on Shopping


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  1. Hi,My husband and I are retired seniors. We would love any discounts. We have, a fixed income and that means counting our pennies. So bring it on, let us know any way we can save any amount of money. Thanks. Susan Blakeley

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