, Sensodyne Contest – Win $3000 Plus Years Supply Repair And Protect



Enter for a chance to win a year’s supply of Sensodyne Repair and Protect Toothpaste, plus $3000!!

There are also five runners up prizes of a year’s supply of Sensodyne Repair and Protect Toothpaste.

Sensodyne Get Your Fix Sweepstakes Contest(Facebook). Daily entry. 

The closing date is November 5th, 2013 and is NOT open to residents of Quebec.

Repair And Protect Toothpaste

The name says it all. This product helps repair sensitive teeth by fixing those little areas on your teeth that cause you pain. Those twinges that feel similar to a toothache can now be improved with this new Toothpaste. Contains fluoride.

Dental Professionals

As a team of dental professionals, this company is there to answer any questions you may have about the hypersensitivity of teeth.

Did you know that Sensodyne is THE number one recommended product by dentists and hygienists to help treat sensitive teeth? That has got a count for something.

The Brand

This brand was first introduced in 1961 and has grown into a household name. If you have ever suffered from sensitive teeth, you probably have tried this product or at least heard of it.

I have personally tried this product in the past, and it worked wonders. I thought for sure that it was a toothache. However, it turned out to be sensitive teeth. My dentist told me about Sensodyne, and I started to use it daily. In about a week, I could notice a HUGE difference in my teeth.

For more information on this product or hypersensitivity issues, please visit their webpage.