Shoppers Drug Mart Contest: Win a Lise Watier Box Set

New Shoppers Drug Mart Contest for Canada

Enter to Win a Lise Watier Box Set

The Prize consists of the following:

There are TWO prizes available to be won. Each prize consists of an exclusive Lise Watier box set (set of 3 palettes) along with 2 Eye Shines & 1 Eyeliner.

Approximate retail value of each Prize is $225 CAD

To enter this contest, simply go to the Official, Shoppers Drug Mart Instagram page via the link below, locate the current contest post, and follow the instructions provided in the contest post.

Good Luck!


  • Daily Entry
  • Open to Canada only
  • Excludes Quebec
  • Age of majority
  • Valid Instagram account

Enter to WIN this Giveaway Here via Instagram

This Shoppers Drug Mart Contest ends May 31,2019


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A little background on Shoppers

This company was founded in 1962 by a man known by the name of Murray Koffler. The first store was opened in Toronto, Ontario. To date, there are over 1240 Shoppers Drug Mart locations in Canada(as well as Pharmaprix name)


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  1. The site has not been working, myself and co-worker have been trying for days to enter our codes….very, very frustrating!!

  2. I agree with all of the above…same problem I am experiencing….why give us something we can’t use…gimmick I guess…..bored with it

  3. I have tried to register from several different browsers and tried to login. Never works so I gave up. Why not just login using optimum account?

  4. I have two pins and th computer site keeps telling me they are invalid. Does this site work at all?…..

  5. Ridiculous???how can you enter this spring contest. I have a pin code but am unable to play .Your contests are always hard to enter???

  6. I tried to enter my pin but had to register and never received my confirmation email. I tried again and it said I had to respond from my email. It does seem like a scam.

  7. I don’t mind entering the contest if i can easily get into the contest. This was not worth the time and effort. Make your contests easier to enter.

  8. This is a joke. Where the hell do you put the pin? Site is far too busy and confusing. If you actually want people to enter this contest do it properly and simply. Talk about a way to PO customers.

  9. This is not very friendly to use got a card from shoppers to enter pin and ive tried several times and cannot enter it, even though i had previously registered.

  10. not a chance that I could enter this contest – after many, many attempts, I’ve given up – maybe hire a IT/tech to work on your website??

  11. I have tried numerous times to enter and was supposed to receive an email confirming my pin (3 times I was promised) and never received an email. I give up. Why is a simple contest so difficult to enter

  12. I registered and filled everything out. Put a password 7 unique numbers. Doesn’t tell you what you have done wrong. Not a very user friendly site. Practically impossible to enter this contest. Wastes a lot of time!

  13. I have to agree with many people that it’s too confusing to enter your 1of10 shopping sprees.

  14. I received a nip and tried to enter it per the card received at the store. Your contest is not easily accessible. Please stream line your contests a little better as I have given up trying to participate on line. Thank you.

  15. I have died several times to log in for the contest with no luck. This is not worth my time.

  16. Will not let me enter the pin number, tried 3 times and was to get 3 emails never received them
    I think this is a way of not getting too many people entering the contest.
    Bogus contest.

  17. not able to enter . Cannot even log in . I NEVER had this much grief with my optimum card before PC got involved . Not happy at all !!!

  18. hi my name is Bernie Caissie i try too go ob contest i dont know my pass word pl z help me

  19. this is ridiculous, gives instruction on how to get pin but NOT WHERE to enter when you have pin…spent an hour filling in useless info, give up !!

  20. Very difficult web site – according to the above I am not the only one not able to easily enter this contest – perhaps attention could be given to further wesite adjustments.


    VERY FRUSTRATED CUSTOMER!!!!!! please be more specific than your answers given above!!!!!!!!!

  21. Cecilla,
    Please click on the link above to enter the contest, you can enter your pin number there. Good Luck.

  22. Awesome… i love to shopping from drug mart . This is the best shop for shopping to find everything.


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