Do you love animals? Most of us do! We also love our pets like family ( I know I do), and we all think our pets have special needs to keep them content, such as regular walking, or perhaps particular scratching to calm them down.

There are lots of ways to Make Extra income with Animals – sometimes, it just takes some creativity.

A Simple Income is found on the Website/ App Rover.

Dog sit in your own home for extra income

How to Make Money Pet Sitting

Make an income by “pet sitting in your home.” or the professional term Dog Boarding. The reason why people require this service is simple “Animal Anxiety.”  My little Schnauzer is very high anxiety and doesn’t’ do well in traditional Kennel surroundings.  So I’m always having to find someone to look after my dog if I’m venturing away out of town and taking my little dog with me.

Other people may be needing this service for medication for their furry friends.

This income could be anywhere from $25 – $40 per day/night.

If you are also a Dog Trainer – You could charge as much as $75.00 per day with x amount of hours of training during your friend’s stay.

How to Make Money Pet Sitting & Other Side Jobs |

How to Make Money Pet Sitting in the Owners Home

Sometimes it’s just more comfortable for the pet owner to have you come into their home, where their pets are already adjusted and don’t want to stress out their fur baby by transferring them to a Pet hotel in your house.  Like my Husbands Nephew, that has two Great Danes – You wouldn’t want that in your house but would be okay to look after in their environment of the home.

The rates you can charge can be $25.00 per Night to $40.00 or even high as $55 in some areas and based on your experience and reviews.

Or Just Earn Cash for Dog Walking. 

Dog Walks is usually going for $20.00 for 30 minutes in my nearest big city like an average rate.

What’s Great about the Rover App is you can get notifications immediately and also use the calendar letting your customers know when you are available. Great way to advertise Etc.

But Don’t just use the App! Use Social Media Platforms, Kijiji, and any other media outlet you can think of to promote your service.

How to Make Money Pet Sitting & Other Side Jobs |

How to Make Money as a Pet Groomer!

If you have zero experience, you can easily take a course for $500 – $1500 depending on what class you want to take. There are lots of different Pet grooming courses to choose from – Just do a search online for your province and see the options to choose from.

The alternative is to “Apprentice” under someone as well to learn the skill.

Pet Grooming could be a full-time job if desired. It’s a high low school cost and high earning potential.

Pet Haircuts can be charged up to $65.00 per haircut.  Not going to lie its hard work – you get bit, pet owners leave their pets for too long in your care, etc.  If working out of your home – You will have lots of pet hair and water mess.  But once you get established, you can move locations and have a designated spot for it all.

How to Make Money Pet Sitting & Other Side Jobs |

How to Make Money as a Dog Obedience Trainer

There’s No True Course to be taken. Take a Read on this article. It’s a good read if you want to take on a new role for a part-time gig eventually. If you have a high passion for dog training – you can take it to many different levels and maybe even get a gig for a travelling show.

How to Make Money Pet Sitting & Other Side Jobs |

How to Make Money as a Pet Photographer

We all know that everyone is now a photographer, but capturing awesome pictures of moving pets is real art.  If you have any half-decent photography skills ( if not you can learn from youtube and read your DSL manual to get better with your photography skills, then all you need is a lot of practice, and create a beautiful portfolio.  Practice at your local SPCA, or any shelters

How to Make Money Pet Sitting & Other Side Jobs |

How to Make Money as Making Pet Treats

Healthy Dog and Cat food/treats are all the rage! There’s a massive market for these! If you have a Nack for creating Nutrious dog or cat treats – Get some cool labelling and consider setting up Pop shops at the local farmers market.  There are tons of Recipes to be inspired by on Pinterest and online by searching. Get inspired and create your own. Check your local Markets for how to sell on their market days.