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The kit consists of  Snickers Bars


Snickers Canada

Snickers Almond: Just like the original version, but instead of peanuts, there are almonds. Some people prefer almonds over peanuts.

Peanut Butter Squared: A Peanut Butter Snickers Bar shaped like a square making it easier and quicker to eat. If you need a quick bite and want something to hit the spot, try this product. It also comes in PB Squared 4 to go and PB Squared Fun Size.

Snickers Ice Cream: It does not get any better than this. The delicious taste of a Snickers Bar made it into ice cream. Mouth-watering combination that just cannot be beaten. It comes in ice-cream bars, mini ice-cream bars, ice-cream cones, and ice-cream brownies.

Snickers Eggs: I have never seen these in stores, but I guess I have not been looking hard enough. These are great for Easter or just about any other time of the year as well. This is a chocolate-covered egg packed with peanuts and caramel. Can you say delicious?

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Did you know?

That the Mars Snickers Company adheres to a strict marketing code that permits them to market only to people who are 12 and over, now I like the sound of that. There are many companies out there that are marketing to kids as young as 3. These ads are constantly bombarding kids for no good reason except to push their products. However, Mars and Snickers do it differently. That is what makes this brand so special.