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Chickadvisor is looking for 200 Canadian Chicks from their Product Review Club to try both Softlips CUBE and LUXE for FREE!

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Soft Lips Newest Product – The CUBE

With Fall is finally here and Jack frost is on our doorstep with Winter, we’re going to need to produce our faces against the colder Winter, including our lips.

Some people suffer from sensitive lips more than others, including chapped lips, bleeding, cracking etc.  I can sometimes get chapped lips myself.  So we all need something to protect our lips.

Softlips claims to be a 5 in 1 when it comes to the Cube – it has shea butter, vitamins E, C and A, plus emollients to help hydrate protect and shine your lips.  Right now, there are two Scents to choose from: Berry Bliss and Vanilla Bean.