Subway Canada Delicious Duo: Get a 6″ Sub and any 8oz chef...

Subway Canada Delicious Duo: Get a 6″ Sub and any 8oz chef inspired delicious soup for just $5.99!!!

Subway Promo 2017

The Delicious Duo promo is on at Subway

  • Get a 6″ Sub and any 8oz chef inspired delicious soup for just $5.99

Buy a Subway 6″ Sub -Italian B.M T., Turkey Breast or Meatball Marinara PLUS any 8oz. chef inspired soup and pay just $5.99 plus applicable taxes.

Wow! Talk about a delicious and amazing deal.

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Offer is on for a limited time only at participating restaurants.


Hot New Promotion at Subway Restaurants in Canada

$3.99. ALL DAY, EVERY DAY. (Sandwiches starting at just $3.99)

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Offer is valid for a limited time only.

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The Subway Canada Brand

If you are familiar with Subway you have probably heard about the Commit-To-Fit program.

This is a commitment from you to live a healthier lifestyle. Subway can play a huge role in this. A balanced diet is key to living a healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally. You will feel better and healthy foods help improve you mentally as well. Filling those subs with veggies and other deli meats will ensure you are getting the recommended intake of vitamins and minerals.

Five Subs For Under $5.00

Are you singing the song? Five….Five Dollar Footlong….I know I am.

There are five subs that you can get for just $3.49(everyday price);

  • Cold Cut Combo
  • Egg Salad
  • Veggie Delite
  • Pizza Sub
  • Ham Sub
  • Double Meat, Extra Cheese or Bacon is extra.

6 grams of fat or less(Guilt Free Flavors)

There are two types of subway sandwiches that contain 6 grams of fat or less(without condiments like cheese or mayo of course).

They include;

  • Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki
  • Oven Roasted Chicken.

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Take the Coffee Break Challenge for fun. Invite friends to beat your score. This is very addictive and fun.

What We love about Subway!

Fun and Fresh is what we love about Subway – Great tasting sandwiches with veggies ! I love that you can create your own to how you feel right down to the type of sauce you love to use. I also salads which is similar to the sandwich without the high carb bread options. Or You can choose the soup of the day and a small sandwich!

Seattle Coffee – Subway here in my town serves this type of coffee – If you’re a fan of this – enjoy the strong coffee.  Yum! Personally I am not a fan of this strong type of bitter coffee – but each to your own.


  1. I purchased 2) 50 dollar gift cards for my boys.
    The server messed up and put $0 on the first card and $100 on the second. 1/2 hr later she figured out how to split it.
    No mention of free sub. I figured I get a complimentary after she called head office for instructions the third time.

  2. I went to Subway. Ordered lunch. When i went pay i asked for gift card. Girls asked what sub do i want. I sais i already have a sub for lunch. I was suprized that the free sub is only given at time of purchase. I did not get the gift card. I bought gift cards frim Timmy’s

  3. Monday might I purchased 5 x $30.00 gift cards in Calgary on 17th ave sw.
    The vendor told me I was entitled to only 2 freebies that had to come from his store.
    This is not consistent with the advertised promo.Where do I go to get the issue resolved.
    I have my receipt.
    Anne Kelsey.

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