Sugar Free Jello Popsicle Recipe


Since I am always watching my weight – and this summer is off to a hot one so far. I’ve been craving all the wonderful frozen treats in the freezer section at the grocery store! But I of course dislike paying $5.99 for 6 Popsicle at 80 calories each . So I decided to make my own.  This recipe is not rocket science, and is very easy to make. It’s practically like making jello!  When your done making this! The only calories you will find is that of your Greek Yogurt as the Sugar Free Or Low Sugar Jello only has 10 calories in it. Plus whatever fruit you decide on – Generally berries are somewhat lower in calories for sweetness.

Kid Friendly tasting and not to mention Healthier for them! There are so many varieties you can do with a number of combinations of different Jello Flavours, Yogurt Flavours and Real Fruit! Enjoy



The only tool you will need is frozen pop molds or dixie cups with wooden sticks for handles.

Ingredients needed

  • 1 box of strawberry sugar free jello ( or any other flavour)
  • 250ml of Greek Yogurt (flavored same or complimentary of jello) I used Strawberry
  • 1/3 cup of fresh pureed fruit if desired ( I used strawberries)



  1. Boil water as directed on Jello box
  2. Add jello and whisk till blended
  3. Add pureed fruit and continue to boil on stove top.
  4. Add Greek Yogurt and blend till smooth
  5. Simply pour the mixture into molds or cups and freeze for a few hours
  6. Enjoy






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