Sweet Chili Dip Recipe


This dip is sooo yummy! And is actually pretty unique or at least it was when my husband came home from work and said it is so delicious!  What you’ll love about this dip – Only 2 simple ingredients! Simply Sweet Chili sauce and good ole sour cream – That’s it!  Not Rocket science, no extra equipment just a bowl and chips to serve.

I love this dip with chips – its the best of Salty Sweet in my opinion – the dip is sweet and the chips are a bit salty – Yum.

Now Let’s talk about Torilla Chips – Hands Down our family favorite is the Yellow Corn Chips – Our Favorite brand is old dutch  – Yellow Restaurant Rounds as in the picture above.  We love the corn taste and find it has more flavor than the white ones.






  • 250 ml Sweet Chili Sauce: ( We use the stuff meant to pour on chicken because of its thicker texture, but we have used other brands and it’s just our preference)
  • 250 ml Sour Cream  ( We used Dairyland) 



Simply pour both the Sweet Chili Sauce and sour cream into a bowl and mix well.  If you think it needs more sweetness just add a bit more chili sauce to it. But I find a 50/50 ratio works best.


Serve with your favorite Tortilla Chips.






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