Swiss Chalet Coupon Codes for September 2017

Swiss Chalet Coupon Codes for September 2017

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New Swiss Chalet Coupon



    Dine In or Takeout:

    • Order 2 quarter chicken dinners $15.99 – use coupon code SC260

    Delivery deal:

    • Order 2 quarter chicken dinners & two cans of pop -$19.99 – use coupon code SC264

Use the links above to get your discount in restaurant. Print or Show It On Your Phone.

Use coupon codes above if ordering online.

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Coupon expires October 1, 2017



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Swiss Chalet Theme Song

“Always so good for so little”…I bet you sang those words didn’t you? When I hear that little jingle on the Swiss Chalet commercial it seems to stick in my head all day.


The menu at Swiss Chalet is nothing but extraordinary. From pasta and rice bowls to the ever-popular Rotisserie Chicken. Family favourites at it’s best.

Family Pak – If you have a family of 4, this is the deal for you. Choose to keep your chicken whole or cut into 4 pieces. The Family Pak comes with chicken, 4 single sides, 4 rolls, and a large Chalet dipping sauce for your enjoyment. Available sides include fries, potatoes, vegetable medley, Caesar salad, rice, coleslaw, and more.

Available for take out or delivery only however.

Pasta and Rice Dishes, Kids meals, and other options available on this menu as well.

Kids Korner

If you are a parent you are going to love the Kids Korner.

Choose your child’s favourite main dish(quarter chicken, mini chicken sandwiches, cheesy pasta, bbq ribs, mini burgers, chicken strips, or cheesy pasta). Then add their favourite side(fries, salad, etc). Pick your beverage and add a special treasure.


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