Target Canada Files For Creditor Protection – Plans To Close 133 Stores!!!


Target Canada files for Creditor Protection

For those of you that love Target, we have some sad news to report today.

This company is leaving Canada.

Target came to Canada in 2014, just a year ago and now it has plans to close 133 of it’s stores.

So it looks like 17,600 people will be out of a job very soon. This is a sad day for the Canadian economy that’s for sure.

Target will begin the liquidation process in the near future. All stores will remain open during this process.

There are 9 New Target stores to be opened across Canada in 2014 : 5 of these locations will be old Zellers building and the other 4 locations will be built.

In total by end of the year 2014 Target will have 133 location in Canada.


British Columbia

  • Victoria


  • Edmonton


  • Winnipeg


  • Barrie
  • (2 new) Mississauga
  • Ottawa
  • Toronto


  • Candiac



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