The Children’s Place Canada Deals: Save 40-60% off Everything

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 The Childrens Place Canada

The Children’s Place Canada Deals for 2018.

Here are the latest deals you can find on The Children’s Place Canada Website!

Save 40-60% off Everything

  • All Basic Denim $9.99
  • All Sleepwear – Save 60% off
  • All Outerwear & Cold Weather Accessories – Save up to 60% off
  • All Graphic Tees $4.99
  • All Holiday Dress Up – Save up to  60% off
  • All Chinos & Cargos – Save 50% off
  • All Active Wear – Save up to 60% off
  • and More
  • All Clearance up to 60% off – No Exclusions

Gift Card Sale

  • $20 Bonus Gift Card with $100+ gift card purchase
  • $15 Bonus Gift Card with $75+ gift card purchase
  • $10 Bonus Gift Card with $50+ gift card purchase

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These Children’s Place Canada Deals are valid for a limited time only.

FREE Shipping on Every order, with no minimum.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How many coupons can you use at one specific time? You are only permitted to use one coupon per online order. Some coupons are only for in-store use while coupon codes are used for online purchases.

Gift cards: You cannot purchase or redeem gift cards online right now. You must purchase them in store. If you need to check the balance on your gift card you must call 1-800-501-3232 for assistance.

Losing Gift Cards: If you lose your gift card or it gets stolen, it cannot be replaced.

There is no expiry date on gift cards. You can redeem them any time you like.

You can only purchase gift cards in the store right now.



  1. When I order an item and then look at “My Bag” – the size is not showing up – in fact, sometimes it puts the price where the size is supposed to go. I have no way of knowing that the size I clicked on has reached you. what do I do?

  2. Hello. I ordered a few items in December and I have not received it but money was taken out of my bank account. Who can I talk to ?


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