The History of Freebies

Back in the year 2000 ~ It was all about collecting your email address. – I got 2 free t-shirts a Week, beauty samples, Tylenol packages almost every month, Advil, etc. There used to be awesome Rewards back in the day as well. Once I got a Queen Sized Duvet Cover for referring 10 friends to sign up to a Newsletter. ( CRAZY !!!)

I used to have to take a bag with me to go get the mail somedays ~ as I had so many goodies to pack home.

Retailers Believed your email address was worth $10

Back in Those Days – Ad Companies would pay you to look at rotating banners by Downloading a Tool Bar. I once made with referrals $400.00 ( I was still on dialup those days)

More people got online ~ The samples became smaller – Perfume company’s that started out by sending you a small vile of perfume ~ downsized the samples to envelop scratch sniffers.

The year 2010 – Present – Is All About Social Media! Now companies are wanting you to “like ” their pages, Tweet them etc.

But today Freebies are very different.

I Like to Call them Flash Giveaways – Because they are truly gone in a Flash. Companies will give out up to 10,000 free samples. They are available first thing in the morning and are gone by mid-afternoon.

Beauty Freebies ~ More Flash Giveaways on facebook – John Frieda has done it twice – 200 Flash Giveaway items at noon for 6 days. So You now need to be available at certain times of day to be a lucky one to scoop up a free offer.

It sounds impossible – But it can be done. Just need to be persistent.

Today’s Freebies are now more of the form of coupons!! There are tons more coupons then a true mailed sample to your door. Today’s Best Freebies are in Full Product Coupons, or Buy 1 Get 1 Free Coupons. But many companies are allowing you to print coupons once you like their page and accept their application on Facebook

Other Good Sample Companies  That still will send out Free Samples a few times per year

PG Brandsampler  – 3-5 Times a year P&G Brandsampler will let you apply for free samples. Once a Year they have a special one just for Costco Members.  You can usually get 3-5 free samples and coupons in your little box.

Sample Source ~ New Company on the Scene – We’ve only seen two sets of freebies so far.  ~ Crossing our fingers for more.


Another New Thing has arrived to Try Free samples  ~ Product Testers~

BZZ Agent is a product Tester Website. Once you sign up and do all your surveys, and you wait to be picked to do a “review” and the more effort you put in on your review, the better chances of getting chosen for another one.

There are many more obviously…But just listing a few for your pleasure.


Check out the following


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