Thermos Contest: Win the ultimate tailgating prize pack!

Thermos Contest: Win the ultimate tailgating prize pack!



New  Thermos Contest For Canada

8 Prize Packs will be awarded!!!!  The ultimate party tailgating prize pack 

  •  Genuine Thermos® Brand Stainless King™ Vacuum Insulated Travel Tumbler with 360 Degree Drink Lid, 20 oz/590 ml (Stainless Steel)
  •  Genuine Thermos® Brand Stainless King™ Vacuum Insulated Beverage Bottle, 40 oz/1.2 L (Stainless Steel)
  • One (1) Genuine Thermos® Brand Stainless King™ Vacuum Insulated Food Jar with Folding Spoon, 16 oz/470 ml

Each prize package: $110.97 CAD




  • Daily entry (once every 24 hrs)
  • Open to Canada and U.S
  • Excludes Quebec
  • Age of majority (age 18+ if in usa)

Enter Thermos Contest (via Facebook)

Genuine Thermos Contest ends September 14, 2017

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Thermos Funtainer

At the beginning of each and every school year I make sure that I run out and purchase at least two of these Funtainers for each of my kids. The Thermos and the bottle are must have’s for sure. They are very sturdy, dent resistant, leak-proof and feature some of their favorite characters.

The Funtainer Bottle keeps their beverages cool. The Funtainer Thermos keeps their food warm. The best of both worlds from the makers of Thermos.

I know my life as gotten so much easier knowing that my kids have a warm lunch and cold drink when they need it the most(when mommy is not there to get it for them).

Look for other products from Thermos 

If you like the above products be sure to check out some of these other available products; coolers, lunch bags, lunch kits with different compartments for food storage, sack bags, food jar with folding spoon(this is very convenient because there is no need to go searching for those spoons).


  1. I am contacting you in the hopes that you fix the link that goes from the this page advertising that it has a Sweepstakes on Facebook. The reason I’m saying this is the link does not set up at all on Thermos Facebook wall page as the wall page doesn’t even come up at all it says unavailable due to not being there or being upgraded. Please fix the link as I used to use thermos brand thermos is back when I was a teenager and in my early twenties when I worked on the highway they are the best going that I have ever come across, unfortunately they’re very expensive also.

  2. when pressing 2 apply for the contest to thermos on the Facebook page it does not come up it says page unavailable no evil thing. Possible to get that fixed so that we can actually use it it would be grateful if you could get a fix his pile of Thermos products are used to use them when I was working on the highway when I was a teenager. So please fix the problem so that we can apply for the sweepstakes. gratefully and happily Sending message Angeline Lessard.

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